When Should Bunions Be Operated On?

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Bunions Did you know that at least one in five adults have bunions? Many people do not realise that this is such a common problem, or that there may be a simple solution in many cases. Some bunions can be cared for at home, in conjunction with a podiatrist, but many can be resolved with simple surgical procedures.

If you are experiencing foot pain of any kind, pop into Foot Solutions to find out how we can help. Our professional fitters can measure your feet and talk to you about the problems you have noticed, and offer you advice or information appropriate to your situation. You may find that custom inserts offer an excellent solution for you if you have bunions, since these are designed to fit your foot exactly and can redistribute weight and alleviate pressure in problem areas.

Do I Need Bunion Surgery?

Not all bunions require surgery, and you may find that a combination of the right footwear and gentle exercises at home can provide relief in your situation. Talk to your doctor or podiatrist about specific exercises that can reduce stiffness in the foot, and consider whether wearing a foot splint at night could help with alignment problems. Custom inserts and anti-inflammatory medication may help to reduce the swelling in your feet, and ice applications can also be effective here.

However, if you do not find sufficient relief from the above suggestions, you may find that surgery is a good option for you. Consider whether you would fall into the following categories:

•    Your daily activities are restricted by your condition and by the pain that your bunion causes. If, for example, you cannot walk for short distances without pain, even with the use of custom inserts and appropriate footwear, you may be advised to consider surgery.

•    You experience constant swelling. If you are not gaining relief from anti-inflammatory medications or ice applications, you will probably want to consider bunion surgery.

•    You cannot move or straighten your big toe. If you cannot move or straighten your big toe, you are probably experiencing a high level of discomfort and have a significant bunion that would benefit from surgery. Talk to your doctor about your options.

•    Your big toe crosses your second toe. This type of deformity, caused by bunions, can be debilitating and can seriously affect your quality of life. Your doctor would usually advise bunion surgery in this case, to improve your mobility and decrease pain.

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