Valuable video to watch for callus and corn sufferers

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This is a very informative video to watch to help people who suffer with callus and corns.  We can do a lot to help ourselves but a visit to Foot Solutions will provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions with regard to ongoing help with avoiding developing calluses and corns in the first place.  Our expert assistants will help you understand how using the correct products will off load pressure on certain parts of the foot, thereby avoiding build up of callusing in the first place.  They can also give you Pressure Pads which will help to cushion the affected areas and give more comfort for painful callusing.

We had a customer in last week who had a lump of callus on the ball of the foot (exactly like in the picture) and he was in agony.  We gave him Customised Arch supports, together with extra cushion sock and ball of foot Pressure Pads. Like in the video, we also advised him to soak and scrub his feet and to use Foot Creams to help keep the skin soft and moisturised.  He was delighted with all the advice and by the time he left the store he said he was more comfortable than he had been in over a year! One thing he did comment on was that until he visited Foot Solutions he had never quite understood why he was developing such calluses – he was delighted with all the time spent with him and all the advice he received.

At Foot Solutions we don’t treat the callus or corns (you would have to go to a Chiropodist or a Podiatrist for that kind of treatment), what we do is offload pressure and help make you more comfortable with correct footwear and products as described above.

If you suffer like our customer last week why don’t you call into Foot Solutions and avail of the expert advice just like our customer last week!

The assessment in totally FREE so what’s to lose?