Plantar Fasciitis: The Most Common Heel Pain

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Do you have heel pain? Heel pain can be mildly uncomfortable or completely debilitating, and it is often caused by plantar fasciitis. This is an injury most common to runners and people with increased body weight, and it is usually felt as a sharp pain in the foot, near the heel.

The plantar fascia is a strong tissue that runs from the heel to the toes, and it can become stretched or torn during activities that place it under stress. Here at Foot Solutions, we understand the nature of foot pain and we know the best ways to resolve it. Visit us and take the time to find out more about your feet, and discover how you can help to increase your comfort level and reduce the pain you feel on a daily basis. The following may be helpful:

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis:

1. Find good support. Most footwear does not offer enough support for the feet, which puts strain on the ligaments and tendons. When you visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions, professional fitters can talk to you about your experience and your lifestyle, and help you to find a personalised solution that really works for you. Knowing how to protect your feet and prevent painful foot conditions can keep you feeling fit and healthy throughout your life, and you will be surprised at the difference!

2. Try a customised arch support. Arch supports are designed to relieve the pressure on certain areas of the feet, and this can be extremely helpful in cases of plantar fasciitis. Customised arch supports are designed to fit the individual foot perfectly, offering a unique solution to the pain you feel.

3. Do specific exercises. As plantar fasciitis is common amongst people who do a lot of exercise, it is often very frustrating that it is necessary to rest in order to recover. However, specific exercises that are designed to stretch out and loosen the muscles, tendons and ligaments can help to rehabilitate the injured area.

4. Use ice applications. Ice applications can be a simple and effective way to reduce inflammation in the foot and ease the pain you feel. This can be useful in the early stages, while you are resting the foot, and you can use ice several times each day, for 15-20 minutes at a time. You may also find that certain medications can be helpful to reduce discomfort and help with inflammation.

Prevent Plantar Fasciitis With Comfortable Shoes in Ireland

Visit Foot Solutions for professional fitting advice and measuring, and let our expert staff find the best options for you and your lifestyle. We will always take the time to discuss your situation and find out how best to prevent any foot pain you are experiencing. We can offer a wide range of services including customised arch supports and comfort socks, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the difference these make to your feet!