Finding Balance: Overlapping Toes, Care and Shoe Solutions

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Common foot problems like overlapping toes can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain and can even affect the way you walk if left untreated. Overlapping toes describe the condition where one toe crosses the top of an adjacent toe, often causing rubbing and leading to calluses and corns. It is very important to be aware that problems such as this can be caused by poorly fitting shoes, and you can take measures to prevent them or treat them in the early stages. 

Here at Foot Solutions, we are experts in foot care! We know how important it is to take care of your feet to ensure that they stay healthy, and we can help you to find shoes that fit you well and protect your feet from damage. Whether you are looking for comfortable yet stylish work shoes or shoes to support your feet while you are exercising, we can help you to find the best options for your lifestyle when you visit us in store. 


What are Overlapping Toes? 

You may have overlapping toes if you notice that your toes are visibly overlapping, that they are painful or inflamed, or that they are rubbing against each other or rubbing against your shoes. If you are concerned about your feet and you feel that things have changed, you should see your doctor or a podiatrist, or visit us at Foot Solutions to make the most of our expertise.

Overlapping toes can be caused by bunions that push the toes out of alignment or by wearing shoes that restrict the feet, especially if the toe box is narrow or tight. Underlying health conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis may lead to foot problems including overlapping toes, and if you have reduced sensitivity in the feet or poor foot function, this could also be a contributing factor.


What Can I Do About Overlapping Toes?

With a problem such as overlapping toes, early intervention is the key to preventing further damage, pain and discomfort. We recommend trying the following measures to find out what will work best in your situation: 


1. Wear good shoes.

The shoes you wear can have a huge effect on the health of your feet and shoes that fit you properly and offer the correct amount of support can make a big difference. Shoes that put pressure on the feet or crush the toes together because they are too tight can cause damage to the joints and bones in the feet and lead to many foot health concerns. At Foot Solutions, we have a great range of shoes that won’t compromise on style or comfort. We know how important it is to have a wider toe box that gives your toes room to spread and move, and we can help you to find styles that suit your gait and the particular shape of your feet. Wearing good shoes can relieve pain in the feet, legs and back by supporting your body in the correct alignment, and this is the most effective way to treat structural foot problems such as overlapping toes, hammertoes and bunions.

2. Use custom orthotics.

Custom orthotics are small devices that sit inside your shoes and give additional support or correct poor alignment. They can change the way your feet move inside your shoes and help to relieve pressure and keep the foot and ankle well balanced. You can try off the shelf orthotics, but you are likely to find a much more significant improvement with custom orthotics that are uniquely designed to fit your feet. Using devices such as this means that areas of the foot that have been placed under pressure will be better supported to heal and you may be able to prevent further development of conditions such as overlapping toes. 

3. Treat calluses and bunions.

Existing foot problems can lead to other issues and can cause lasting damage if not treated effectively, and this is often the case with overlapping toes. For instance, if you have bunions, these may place pressure on the joints of the toes and cause further problems with the alignment of the toes, leading one toe to cross over another in an attempt to create more space. Seeking treatment for existing foot conditions such as bunions and calluses can improve foot health and reduce the likelihood of further problems developing, especially structural problems such as overlapping toes. 

4. Use toe separators.

Toe separators can be a temporary solution that allows the toes to be placed into a more natural alignment and prevent them from overlapping with one another. This is a simple fix that may not be comfortable in the long term and will not support healing unless it is used in conjunction with correctly fitted shoes and the treatment of other foot conditions, but it may help to relieve pain and maintain mobility. Gel toe caps can also work in a similar way, or toe splints or combs that hold the toes in the correct position and prevent them from crossing over. Talk to us to find out more about our range of orthotic products and we will help you to find the best solutions.

5. Maintain a healthy weight.

Caring for your feet means looking after your general health and maintaining a healthy weight is an essential way to do this. Exercising regularly, keeping up good levels of fitness and maintaining a healthy weight means that you will not be placing unnecessary pressure on your feet and that they will be more likely to stay healthy as well. If you have not exercised before or for a long time, or you feel that your weight is a problem for your general health, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor or another health professional before beginning a new fitness regime. Always remember to protect your feet with good shoes when you are exercising, or you will simply swap one set of foot problems for another!

If you are concerned about your feet and you think you may be developing a condition such as overlapping toes, you should visit a professional for guidance and advice.


Protect Your Feet All Year Round

Looking after your feet is not just about preventing serious structural conditions such as overlapping toes, it’s also about keeping your feet in great condition and protecting against damage and infection. We recommend having a daily foot routine that keeps your feet in great shape and includes the following elements:

1. Washing your feet. Simply rinsing your feet while you are in the shower is not enough and you should wash them with soap and water daily, perhaps before going to bed to remove the debris of the day. 

2. Drying your feet. After washing, it’s vital to dry your feet well so that you do not have damp skin, especially between the toes, which can lead to conditions such as Athlete’s Foot, a persistent fungal infection which spreads in damp conditions.

3. Moisturising your feet. It’s a good idea to moisturise your feet well, rubbing a cream or oil into the skin to nourish it. If you can, take a few minutes to massage your moisturiser in well, checking your feet over for any wounds or signs of damage as you do. 

4. Wearing good shoes. You should always wear footwear that supports your feet and cushions them as you move. Shoes such as flip flops are not sufficient to protect your feet and should only be worn around a swimming pool or for very short periods of time. 

Giving your feet a little TLC will help them to look and feel great, and even small choices such as painting your nails can give you pause to reflect on how hard your feet work for you! Prioritising your foot health will ensure that your feet are in great shape to keep you active all year round, and we’ll be happy to make recommendations and share advice when you visit us at Foot Solutions.


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