Exploring in Comfort: Foot Care Essentials for Active Vacations

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It’s vacation time! When you’re going on holiday, you’ll be preparing for your trip by packing all your essentials and planning what you will do while you’re away, and this will depend on the type of holiday you are taking. If you are going on an active holiday, you will also need to consider the health of your feet and how you can protect them from damage and pain while you are away. 

An active holiday, on which you are walking long distances or spending long periods of time on your feet, will put pressure on your feet and could lead to foot problems if you are not careful. Take some time to think about preparing your feet and work out how best to support them while you are making the most of your trip. Don’t forget to talk to us for our top tips and advice to help you keep your feet in great shape while you are travelling. 


Caring for Active Feet 

When you’re off on an adventure, foot pain can be a big problem. If you’re walking around a lot, exploring in a city or discovering a walking route such as the Camino Trail, your feet will come under pressure and neglecting them could lead to foot conditions that ruin your trip and stop you from achieving your goals. Considering your foot health can make a big difference to your enjoyment of your holiday and you can protect your feet by considering the following:


1. Consider the shoes you wear.

Your footwear is crucial to the health of your feet and finding good shoes that can support and protect your feet as you move will make a big difference to your comfort while you are exploring somewhere new. It’s a good idea to visit a professional shoe store, such as Foot Solutions, to find out more about the unique shape of your feet and the type of shoes that will best protect them. Shoes that are not designed to support foot health may be too narrow or too tight and may not have enough structural support for your feet. This can lead to problems such as blisters and calluses and can even contribute to the development of serious conditions such as hammertoes and bunions. If your shoes do not have enough cushioning to protect your feet, you will also be at risk of Morton’s Neuroma, which is a nerve condition that can cause intense pain and prevent you from walking comfortably.

2.Prepare for your active holiday.

Finding shoes that suit your feet is the first step in caring for your feet while you are active and breaking them in gently is the next step. If you are buying new shoes for your trip, you will need to wear them around the house and build up gradually to prevent rubbing and blisters when you wear them on holiday. If you will be walking long distances, it’s vital to consider the type of shoes you choose and ensure that they are supportive enough for your feet. For a walking holiday, shoes that protect your feet from damage such as covered walking sandals or light walking boots or shoes will be a great choice to avoid damage to your feet.

3. Think about your socks.

The socks you choose can make a big difference to your foot health and trying them on with your shoes will help to ensure you’ve got it right. Socks should be breathable and able to wick away sweat and moisture if you are going to be walking a lot on holiday, and you can try synthetic materials that are designed to do this to find out what suits you best. Some people prefer cotton or wool socks, as these natural fibres may feel better on the feet. Wool socks are naturally water resistant and great for temperature control so these can be a great choice. Structured socks may give you some extra support for your feet, with extra padding in the ball or heel areas, and you may even wish to try compression socks that can help to promote better circulation. 

4. Try insoles or custom orthotics.

It’s important to ensure that your feet are aligned properly in any footwear to protect the bones and joints of the feet from damage and pain, and insoles or custom orthotics can help here. These devices can give you extra support and cushioning in your shoes and can help to correct the way your feet move inside your shoes to make you more comfortable. Postural problems often result from pronation problems, where the feet roll in (pronation) or out (supination) as you walk or run, and finding insoles or custom orthotics that work with the unique shape of your foot to relieve these problems can make a great deal of difference to the way your feet, legs and back feel when you are active.

5. Take care of your feet.

Looking after your feet is non-negotiable if you are taking an active holiday such as a walking holiday that requires you to stay on your feet all day for several days. Simple self-care procedures such as washing and drying your feet carefully and moisturising them every day can prevent fungal infections and cracked skin and help to keep your feet in great condition. Keep your toenails short to prevent them from rubbing against your shoes and socks and check your feet for damage each day to help to prevent problems from building up.

6. Think about blisters.

Blisters can be a serious problem on an active or walking holiday, especially if you are walking long distances daily. Wearing good socks and shoes will help to prevent blisters, and you can also reduce the risk by taking regular breaks and checking your feet for any signs of damage. It is a good idea to carry blister plasters with you, as applying these quickly to any areas of damage will help to prevent the problem from worsening. You might find that a powder, gel or balm is helpful in preventing rubbing, and this may be an essential part of your kit for a walking holiday.

7. Prepare yourself properly.

You will put your feet and your general health at risk if you go from a sedentary daily life to a very active vacation. Take the time to build up your activities gradually, building up your stamina and ensuring that your feet are used to higher levels of activity, as this will put less pressure on your feet while you are away. You should always warm up properly before you begin intensive exercise, such as a full day of walking, and remember to cool down when you have finished your activities for the day so that you can reduce the likelihood of pain and aching muscles affecting your progress the following day. 

8. Allow recovery times.

While you are on an active holiday, you’ll need to plan rest and recovery times to ensure that you can reach your goals and remain in good health. You’ll have the opportunity to explore locally at a slower pace on your rest days, and you should take a pair of shoes that allows your feet to recover. If you develop blisters or any areas of damage on your feet, you will need to take more rest time to allow for recovery so prevention really is the best choice! A pair of light sandals or trainers will be ideal for evenings or for rest days, and you should ensure that these fit properly and support your feet well enough. Avoid flip flops at all costs as these do not have adequate support for hardworking feet and can cause damage and pain if worn for extended periods of time. 


Choose The Right Shoes For Summer Adventures

Finding the right footwear for every occasion can be life changing, especially if you have experienced foot problems before. Here at Foot Solutions, we know what a difference great shoes can make, and you won’t have to compromise on comfort or on style when you visit us to find your perfect pair. Whether you want lightweight walking boots or walking sandals that will take you over a variety of different terrains, we can help you to find a great fit in store.

Take the time to find the best shoes for your adventures and do your research before you go to ensure you have the right options for the type of holiday you are planning. If you are on a city break that will involve a lot of exploring on foot, for instance, walking sandals or trainers with custom orthotics might be the best choice.


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Our experienced staff at Foot Solutions have some excellent tips and advice for you and can help you to look after your feet all year round. We can help you find shoes that fit you well and offer the comfort and support you need, and we can check out any existing foot pain and advise you on the best steps to take. We can’t wait to see you in store!