4 Essential Reasons To Get An Annual Diabetic Foot Check

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If you have diabetes, you will already know that you are more susceptible to foot problems and foot pain than others. Diabetes can affect the nerve endings in your feet, making it more likely that you will experience unnoticed injuries or infections that can cause serious problems, and the risk of amputation is much higher amongst people who have diabetes.

Your care team will have talked to you about the risks of foot pain and injury, and you should be offered an annual diabetic foot check. It is very important to attend this appointment, to monitor the health of your feet and to take advice on the best ways to take care of them throughout the year. Read on to learn more about why your annual diabetic foot check is essential to your general health.

Why You Need To Attend A Diabetic Foot Check Every Year:

An annual foot check can assess the health of your feet and identify any problems that require treatment. The benefits of this regular check include:

1. Checking any concerns about diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is the term used to described the numbness and lack of feeling that is common in the feet of people with diabetes. The lack of sensitivity means that small cuts and sore areas can become infected or turn into ulcers, which can lead to further complications.

2. Check for ulcers. Research indicates that 10% of people with diabetes have a foot ulcer, and this can ultimately lead to infection and even amputation. An annual foot check can help to identify the early signs of an ulcer that is developing, or determine the best way to treat an existing ulcer.

3. Discuss the shoes you are wearing. Many people do not realise that the shoes they wear can influence the health of their feet, but this is a very important aspect of foot care. You can talk to your diabetes care team about this, but you may also find it very helpful to visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions to find shoes that fit you well and offer the support and comfort you need to keep your feet healthy.

4. Maintain healthy feet throughout the year. Taking care of your feet on a daily basis is very important to keep them healthy, and a good routine can be very helpful. Your diabetes care team can help you to establish a daily routine, including washing, drying and moisturising your feet each day. You should also inspect your feet every day for any sign of damage, including any cuts or abrasions, and treat these immediately to prevent ulcers and infections from developing.

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