7 Things Podiatrists Know That You Don’t

3 min read

Many people struggle with foot pain for years, but they never go to a podiatrist.  They assume that it is normal for their feet to hurt.  The truth is that your feet don’t have to hurt, even if you are on them all day.  If you have foot pain, visit a podiatrist.

A podiatrist has a wealth of information about your feet and how to manage foot pain, but you’ll never find out if you don’t go in for a visit.  Check out these seven things that podiatrists know but you don’t.

  1. You should have your feet measured each time you buy new shoes.  Many of us aren’t in the habit of doing this.  We think we know what size we wear, and there aren’t many stores that offer to measure your feet anymore.  Feet don’t stay the same size throughout your whole life.  It is common to go up a size or more as you gain weight, have children, or just age.  You may have been wearing a particular size for the last 20 years, but need a size or two larger today.  You can experience pain because your shoes don’t fit properly, even if they don’t necessarily feel too tight.  So go to a specialised shoe shop, and ask them to measure your feet.  Then you know for sure that you are wearing the right size.
  2. Beware of nail salons.  When you get a pedicure, you are exposing your feet to a lot of germs, and many people end up at the podiatrist’s office with an infection as a result.  Even though the pedicure tub is sprayed down between visitors, there may be bacteria lingering on the drains and filters.  Your best bet is to go to the nail salon first thing in the morning, when you are likely to be the first visitor of the day and the equipment is cleanest.
  3. Hammer toes and bunions. Foam toe separators might bring you a bit of temporary relief from bunions or hammer toes, but they won’t fix the problem.  Hammer toes and bunions are disorders related to the structure of the foot, and you need to see an expert for advice.
  4. High heels are a significant cause of foot pain.  They force the feet into an unnatural shape, which can result in the development of hammer toes.
  5. The best place to buy shoes is at a specialised shoe shop.  Regardless of how you plan to use your shoes – for running, walking, or just everyday purposes – a specialty store is the best place to buy your shoes.  The employees at a specialty shoe shop, will perform gait analysis& assess your feet for any problem areas / concerns that you have. They will then measure your feet &fit you with shoes that are the right size for you.
  6. Wear appropriate footwear for your activity.  Shoes are made to protect your feet, not just to look good.  When you are mowing the lawn, wear a shoe that covers and protects your feet, not flip-flops.  When you are going to be on your feet all day, like if you are visiting an amusement park, wear a supportive shoe that has plenty of cushioning.
  7. If you start to develop a bunion, see a podiatrist and have it treated right away.  Don’t wait until it gets worse, or you can end up with a great deal of pain and few treatment options.

Visit Foot Solutions, a specialised shoe shop in Ireland.  We perform gait analysis and measure your feet to make sure that you get shoes that fit you properly and give you the support and comfort that you need.