Alice Campbell

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Alice originally visited Foot Solutions three years ago, having experienced issues with arthritis in her knees. ‘I was having real problems with my knees, so bad that there was talk of having them replaced. I had already had arch supports fitted elsewhere, when someone suggested I try Foot Solutions for shoes. I’ve bought three pairs of shoes there since – I really like them, they have the thick soles that I need.’

The shoes and supports allowed Alice to continue working as a part-time teacher, a role that involves spending time on her feet. She also enjoys an active lifestyle. Along with cycling and swimming, she takes her large dog for a daily walk around Dublin’s mountains and parks. It was on one such walk recently that she fell by accident. ‘I had real trouble walking after that and it the pain was getting worse every day. It got to the stage that I had to take painkillers if I had to do any serious walking. So I went back to Foot Solutions. The store in Stillorgan is perfect for me so I popped in for a consultation. The staff were great and I was impressed that they had all the equipment there to do a full assessment. They designed a pair of customised arch supports for me. I also bought myself a lovely pair of sandals. The relief was immediate. I was really impressed that I could walk without pain as soon as I put the sandals on.

‘I think Foot Solutions is great value for money. The customised supports weren’t cheap, but my health insurance covered a good bit of the cost, and I noticed a real difference the minute I started using them. So yes, popping in to Foot Solutions for a consultation has made a real difference to my life.’