Anthony Lanigan

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Anthony Lanigan was suffering from severe back pain and shin splints. The condition was so bad that it was threatening his business, South East Fascia and Soffit in Waterford. ‘My jobs involves going up and down ladders all day’ says Anthony ‘and you can’t do that when you are suffering that kind of pain. I tried everything to resolve the issue. Physiotherapy went some of the way to fixing the problem with my back, but I was still having real problems with my shins and ankles. Then I met Peter Jones from Foot Solutions in Waterford at a trade show.

‘Peter told me they could resolve the issues with customised insoles. I popped into the shop in Waterford where they assessed the condition and took all my measurements. The insoles arrived a while later and I started using them. That was four years ago. I haven’t had a single problem with my ankles or shins since.

‘This is vital for me obviously because it means I can carry on with my livelihood and the business. It also means I can carry on leading an active lifestyle. The originals problems with my back and ankles forced me to give up playing hurling. Once those were cleared up, I went back playing hurling with Ballygunnner and I was playing soccer as well. That was great.

‘In fairness, Peter told me from day one that the insoles wouldn’t be cheap. But they weren’t really expensive at all when you consider that, four years later, I am still wearing them every day and I have had no problems with my feet.  When I look at the relief I got after a visit to Foot Solutions, I think it was fantastic value for money.’