Arch Support Insoles: Find The Perfect Fit

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custom arch supports

Custom arch support insoles are an excellent solution to the problem of foot pain, and can alleviate back, leg and knee pain as well as problems with the bones and muscles of the feet themselves. Many people do not realise that so many problems can be caused by footwear that does not cushion and support the feet properly, and shoes that are badly fitted or restrictive can do permanent damage to the body.

Here at Foot Solutions, we offer a comprehensive solution to the problem of foot pain, combining great shoes, comfort socks and custom arch supports to fit your feet perfectly. Our professional staff take the time to really understand your lifestyle and the problems you are experiencing, and help to find the best options so that you can enjoy an active and pain free life.

What You Can Expect From Your Custom Arch Supports

The right custom arch support should:

  1. Not constrict your foot. Anything that makes the foot feel constricted should not be worn, and a custom arch support should fit well inside the shoe, leaving the foot well supported and comfortable. If there is an insole in the shoe already, this will usually be removed to accommodate the arch support.
  2. Have a deep heel cup. It is very important that the heel is cupped to support the natural cushioning role of the heel pad. A deep heel cup will maximise shock absorption, creating much more effective arch support.
  3. Support the whole arch of the foot. The whole arch plays a part in controlling the way your body moves as you walk, and a good arch support will help avoid over pronation by supporting the back of the arch, which takes the greatest pressure, as well as the middle and front of the arch, where the need for support is often neglected.
  4. Feel firm but flexible. The arch should have some give, so you can depress it, but it must be firm enough to offer a good level of support and work in tandem with the foot, acting almost like a spring underneath the arch.

You should try different styles and see what each feels like for your feet, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the difference you feel when you find the best option for you!

Visit Us To Find Solutions That Relieve Foot Pain

Finding out more about protecting your feet can help you to enjoy an active life for longer. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions for a professional fitting, and talk to us about finding the very best shoes, socks and custom arch supports for your feet.

Pop into Foot Solutions today and take a step towards great foot health.