Are You Standing Too Much?

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Does your job involve standing up all day long? Most people are aware of the health risks associated with sitting down for long periods of time, but fewer people understand that standing up all day can also cause health problems.

A job that requires a lot of standing or walking around can be a healthier option since you are active and will burn more calories than when seated. However, standing can put pressure on your back, knees and feet, and can lead to conditions such as lower back pain, bad hips or knees, bunions and painful feet. Here at Foot Solutions, we see problems like these every day. Our customers come from all walks of life, both young and old; we see nurses, hairdressers, builders, homemakers, restaurant and retail workers and more. We love to help each and every customer to achieve a better quality of life – whether it’s at work or at play.

How To Prevent Foot Pain From Standing Up All Day

1. Visit Foot Solutions. A visit to Foot Solutions can help to keep your feet comfortable and well supported all day, even if you have to stand for long periods of time. Our experienced staff follow a ten step process to determine what sort of shoes, comfort socks and/or arch supports could be best suited to your feet and your lifestyle, and this can create a personalised solution to foot pain or pain in the back, knees or hips caused by standing all day.

2. Focus on posture. A good posture will help to keep your body in good shape, even if you are standing up a lot throughout the day. Imagine that an invisible cord is threaded from your heels, through your spine and up through the top of your head, pulling your back straight, your shoulders back and your belly button in. Pay attention to the way that you place your feet as you walk, aiming to put your heels down first, before your toes, with every step. This will help to spread your weight evenly across your feet, avoiding putting too much pressure in any area.

3. Give yourself a break. Taking breaks to stretch throughout your day can really help your body to recover from the effects of standing a lot. Exercises that stretch out the muscles in your legs and back, such as touching your toes or circling your ankles, can be very helpful to rebalance your body.

4. Take care of your feet. There’s no doubt that standing all day long will take a toll on your feet, so give them a break when you get home and treat yourself to a foot soak followed by a foot massage to allow them to recover. You should also try to spend time each day lying or sitting with your feet raised higher than your hips, to relieve swelling in the ankles and feet that can result from a lot of standing.

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