7 Reasons Why Going Barefoot This Summer Can Be Dangerous

4 min read

Are you thinking of tossing your footwear as you go to the beach this summer?  Hold your horses!  Before you troop to the sands with millions of other people this summer, you should be aware that going barefoot (although makes you look cool) can do you more harm than good.

Yes, it is such a feeling of freedom to have the sand between your toes, but you should think and know about the consequences for your own safety.

Take a look at 7 reasons that should make you think twice about ditching your summer footwear for the pleasure of going bare.

Puncture Wounds

Considered as one of the more real dangers of walking barefoot, it can cause dirty objects to pierce the skin of your foot and cause not only pain, but possibly even infection.  Such wounds can be caused by sharp objects lying on the beach or small objects that find their way into your shoes.  Puncture wounds should be thoroughly cleaned not only to allow for proper healing, but also a way to minimize complications and damage to the bones, tissues, tendons, and muscles of your feet.  Should you experience a puncture wound on your foot, make sure to have it checked by a healthcare professional immediately.


It is seldom that people think about feet when they talk about sunburn.  However, it is true that even our feet get sunburned.  That is why it is important to generously apply the top and bottom of our feet with sunscreen when we hit the beach this summer.  Better yet, wear the appropriate footwear to protect yourself from the dangers of skin cancer.

Skin Problems

Aside from the possibility of sunburns, our skin can also be susceptible to a number of skin problems like warts, ingrown toenails, spots, calluses, corns, and others.  Although most of these are not fatal, they can cause severe pain that can prevent you from enjoying your day at the beach.  Normally, these skin problems are triggered by the hot pavement or sand getting in contact with your bare feet, which becomes aggravated later on.


The threat of tetanus does not only come from puncture wounds.  If you get a cut on your skin, especially on your feet, and you go to the water, the bacteria can cause severe infections like tetanus.  This is why it is a good practice to update your vaccinations before summer comes so that you are completely protected when you spend your time at the beach.

Lack of Traction

Did you know that the right footwear will give you a better grip and prevent you from slipping in areas like the swimming pool and locker rooms for example?  With the proper footwear not only do you get a better grip, but you can also avoid getting abrasions and cuts from slippery surfaces.  Your feet also get protection from viruses and bacteria that ca result in warts, athlete’s foot, and others.

Foot Injuries

Common sense dictates that the best way to protect your feet from any type of injury would be to wear the proper protection.  Did you know that numerous people lose their toes every year from simple activities like mowing the lawn?  Stepping on coals from campfires at the beach is another danger that is often overlooked.  Going barefoot can leave you open to these types of foot injuries and more.

Bad Posture

You have done your assignment and worked out to prepare your body for the summer at the beach.  Unfortunately, that well-toned body would go completely to waste if you had bad posture.  People with high or normal arches can feel uncomfortable without the proper support for their feet.

This holds true not only for feeling possible pain in your feet, but also contributing to poor posture as the lack of support disrupts the natural weight-distribution mechanism of your body.  With bad posture, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain cannot be far behind.

Who would not want to go bare during the hot summer days?  But with all of these going on, is it truly worth it?  To make sure that you are not prone to any of these dangers, visit Foot Solutions store in your area to get individualized assessment from their highly trained professionals.  Take a pair of sandals or light summer shoes from Foot Solutions with you to the beach and you will never go wrong!