Stay Active, Count Those Steps!

Exercise is an essential way to keep fit and healthy, but don’t worry if you haven’t found a fitness regime…

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Delighted To Be Open Again!

Businesses all over the world are adapting their approach in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, and here at Foot Solutions,…

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It’s Sandal Time!

Summer is on the way! The winter months are behind us now and we’re dreaming of sunny days on the…

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Movement Is The Best Medicine

Getting outdoors and moving your body is one of the most effective ways of improving both physical and mental health,…

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Mothers day
What’s Holding Your Mum Back?

Did you know that many women have problems with their feet, knees and back and that these issues can stop…

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Sitting Disease: Why is Sitting the New Smoking?

Did you know that leading a sedentary lifestyle is becoming increasingly common, and is extremely bad for your health? A…

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