Bunion Night Splints – Two happy customers of Joan’s

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BunionsLast week Joan, associate at Foot Solutions in Stillorgan, was telling a story about one of her customers who came in about 6 months ago suffering with painful bunions.  Both Joan and this lady swopped advice on how to look after them ie.

• Take paracetamol when they are painful,
• Rub Voltarol into the bunions if they are red,
• Wear a bunion protector,
• Wear Bunion Night Splints.

What is a Bunion Night Splint?

A bunion splint is a device that is typically worn at night (while sleeping) that physically pushes the big toe back into normal alignment. … Bunion splints don’t work overnight and are a long term management solution. It takes time for the soft tissue around the joint to stretch.

Consistent Wearing of Bunion Night Splints is important

This lady was very diligent abut wearing her Bunion Night Splints every night (on both feet) and it was great to hear that she called into the store again last week to report to Joan that, after using the Night Splints for 6 months, the pain in her bunions is now totally gone and that she has noticed a marked improvement in alignment of the toe (ie it’s much straighter).

Another happy Bunion Night Splint customer!

Joan seems to champion Bunion Night Splints because 3 weeks ago she had yet another lady who needed 2, one for right Hallux Joint and one for the left. Again the lady phoned the store to report that she is delighted with result, she hasn’t had to take any paracetamol since wearing the Night Splints because the pain is gone. She said she finds them quite comfortable to wear at night.

We don’t preach that Bunion Night Splints cure bunions, but they definitely do help with pain and with straightening the big toes.

Joan is thrilled!

Joan is really thrilled that the Bunion Night Splints have made such a difference to these ladies’ lives. As she says “I love it when I can help people be more comfortable and epecially when this allows them to get back to doing the things they love! Makes my day!”

Thanks Joan! (pictured above)

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