Choosing Ladies Shoes with Arch Support

3 min read

There are so many gorgeous, stylish shoes to choose from anytime you walk into a department store.  Unfortunately, most of them offer little in the way of arch support.

Arch support matters a lot – if you don’t want your feet to hurt, that is.  Arch support isn’t just important for people who have high arches, either.  People who have flat feet or fallen arches also need arch support to make up for the structural support that their feet lack.  If you have high arches, you also need shoes that have arch support so that your natural arches don’t get overly strained.

Arch support gives your feet the cushioning and support that they need while evenly distributing your body weight.  This means that you will experience less pain after spending time on your feet, whether you are going to work, doing errands around town, or running for exercise.

Although finding shoes with sufficient arch support can be difficult, it isn’t impossible.  Check out this guide to help you choose ladies shoes with arch support.

  1. Determine what type of foot structure and gait you have.  If you have high arches, you can probably tell by looking at your feet.  Is there a high curve in the bottom of your foot?  You can also tell by looking at your footprint.  If you can only see toes and heel with very little outline in the middle, then you probably have high arches.  If you can see the entire shape of your foot, then your feet are probably flatter.  You can identify your gait by looking at the pattern of wear on your shoes.  If your shoes are more worn on the outside edges, then you probably supinate.  For a professional assessment, visit a custom shoe shop where they can perform gait analysis.
  2. Try on a variety of shoes to see what feels best. Athletic shoes are generally thought of as being the most comfortable and supportive type of shoes; however, the amount of arch support that they offer can vary greatly.  Try on a variety of shoes to see what feels best.  New Balance is a popular brand for those who need extra arch support.  Many people find that the best way to get the arch support that they need is by adding arch support inserts or orthotic devices to their shoes.
  3. Do you need comfortable dress shoes? When it comes to dress shoes, people who need extra arch support often find that a low heel is more comfortable for them than a completely flat shoe.  Dansko is a good brand for providing a dressy shoe that also has plenty of arch support.
  4. Most sandals don’t offer much in the way of arch support. However, the options have improved in recent years.  Birkenstock offers some great sandals that are comfy, attractive, and have plenty of arch support.
  5. You can also protect your arches by taking good care of your body.  Try to maintain a healthy weight; excess weight puts extra pressure on the arches of the feet.  Regular exercise keeps the entire body healthy.
  6. Make sure that you are wearing the right size shoes.  Have your feet measured at a custom shoe shop every time you purchase new shoes.  Feet do change size over time, and you may not be wearing the size that you need.

Ladies who need extra arch support should visit Foot Solutions UK.  We have a large selection of shoes with arch support, including New Balance, Dansko, and Birkenstock.  We can also fit you with arch support inserts or custom orthotic devices.  If you can’t find the right shoes on the shelf, we can even create custom shoes for you.