Colin Haylock MBE

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Although officially retired as a Consultant Maxillofacial Prosthetist, Colin Haylock MBE still travels the world using his specialist life-changing skills to help rebuild people’s faces.

However, following a motorcycle accident which left his left foot badly deformed, Colin’s mobility was significantly restricted.

“I was really struggling,” explains Colin, currently an honorary tutor at Guys Medical School. “Following the accident, my movement became painful and awkward and I had to drag my left foot sideways. The problem was accentuated during my travels when I was on my feet a lot of the time.”

At first, Colin sought help from the usual channels, visiting casualty, a physiotherapist and even an orthoptist who prescribed rigid (and uncomfortable) half-sole inserts.

Unfortunately, nothing worked. Then Colin decided to visit Foot Solutions in Richmond.

“I’d been aware of the Foot Solutions free foot assessment offer for some time,” adds Colin “then one Sunday morning I called in to the store. I’m so glad I did because that visit changed my life for the better.”

Colin was seen by Foot Solutions consultant Asif, who after taking a full case history, performed a series of tests and scans which identified in addition to the injury, a fallen arch which was exacerbating the problem.

“Asif was extremely patient and thorough,” continues Colin, “he recommended custom-made arch supports and advised on suitable footwear, but applied no sales pressure.”

Colin accepted Asif’s recommendations and followed his detailed instructions on how to use the arch supports.

“I can now walk normally with virtually no discomfort,” says a delighted Colin, “Foot Solutions is a very good product and I am happy to endorse it.”