Compression Socks and Running

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Once seeming only used for diabetics and airplane trips , compression socks have been making their way into the world of running. Some recent studies have  shown that wearing light compression socks when running may assist  to stimulate blood flow, helping legs recover faster from a hard run.

More articles in running magazines are cropping up and spreading the news that Compression socks are being used by runners in attempt to recover from hard workouts and races as quickly as possible. The snug-fitting, knee-high socks are meant to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up. Some runners wear compression socks while training and racing, others use them after a run.

At Foot Solutions Galway we carry the Bauerfeind Training socks:

The main features of Training socks are that they are exclusive technical socks with an outstanding anatomical fit, designed for a perfect compression that will help to reduce vibration, protect your ankles and ultimately improve athletic performance. The main features of this product are:

1 – Muscle Tuning Zone, to prevent muscle vibrations in the area.

2 – Protection, to reduce pressure and friction on the heel of Achilles

3 – Padded shock-absorbing

4 – Breathable material, dampness regulator

5 – Taping-zone with an 8 design for greater stability

training socks