How To Treat Corns And Calluses

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Corns and calluses commonly occur on the feet as a result of excess pressure or friction, and are characterised by hard, thickened skin that can become inflamed. Many people use the terms ‘corns’ and ‘calluses’ interchangeably, but they are actually quite different.

What is a corn?

A corn is a small area of dead skin that has thickened, and has a central core. These often develop on parts of the feet such as the tops and sides of the toes, or between the toes, where there is friction without any weight bearing.

Corns often look dry, discoloured or waxy, and can press on the nerves inside the foot. This can make walking uncomfortable, and people often worry about the unsightly nature of this common condition.

How to treat a corn:

Corns can usually be treated at home, by soaking the skin to soften it before using a foot file or pumice stone to gently ease away the dead skin. This can be continued until the skin is smooth, and then the area, which may feel sore, can be massaged with a moisturising oil.

If you suffer with corns on a regular basis, you should take expert advice on the shoes you are wearing, and consider whether custom arch supports could offer more protection and cushioning to help ease the friction and pressure on your feet as you move around.

What is a callus?

CallusesRev2A callus forms on the external skin of the foot, where repeated pressure and friction cause the skin to thicken. A callus forms where the body is trying to protect the area against damage, and can be painful and cause you to redistribute weight when you walk, potentially leading to further problems for your feet, legs and back.

How to treat a callus?

An existing callus can be very carefully filed away with a pumice stone or foot file, or cut away by a podiatrist. However, it is important to assess the cause of the callus, especially if you have experienced this problem before, and to consider whether the shoes you are wearing, or the way that you are placing your weight when you move around, could be adjusted to create a healthier balance for your feet.

How To Prevent Foot Problems

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