Custom Arch Supports for Foot Pain

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Our feet are working hard for us everyday, supporting our weight and carrying us through our busy lives! If you experience foot pain, or your feet tend to ache every day, it’s well worth exploring ways to resolve this in order to give your feet a well-earned break.

Custom arch supports are designed to fit your foot exactly, and to reduce or eliminate foot pain. Many people who experience foot pain do so as a result of ill-fitting shoes, and a good arch support can help by solving this problem, ensuring that the fit is as good as possible and that the foot is supported correctly.

How Do Custom Arch Supports Work?


1. They are designed for you. Custom arch supports are very simple, and can be made from a variety of different materials such as plastic, gel or foam. They are customized specifically to fit your feet, using moulds or scanned images, and to remedy any foot pain you are experiencing.

2. They give you extra support. Custom arch supports give you extra support in the areas where your feet most need it, such as in the arches of your feet. After gait analysis, they are designed to balance out any abnormalities in your gait, and this will help to prevent further problems in the future.

3. They treat foot conditions. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, which are caused by strain or inflammation in the foot, can be eased by the use of custom arch supports, which are designed to relieve pressure on these areas and allow the necessary space for healing.

4. They are great for athletes. Athletes often experience pain as a result of overuse of certain muscles, or making repetitive movements without the correct support. Using custom arch supports can prevent painful conditions for those who are on their feet a lot, and anyone who needs extra support during running or other forms of exercise.

5. They’re made by experts. Gait analysis will usually be the first step in getting custom arch supports, followed by casting or scanning, which will allow the professionals to create a perfectly moulded pair of custom arch supports to insert into your shoes. Visit Foot Solutions to take advantage of the free gait analysis service, and to experience the difference that arch supports can make.

Are You Experiencing Foot Problems?

logo-fs-blogFoot pain is very common, but it is easy to remedy with custom-made arch supports to fit your feet. Relieving the pressure on your feet, spreading it more evenly and taking care of damaged areas, can help your feet to feel great again.

If you are experiencing any foot problems, you’ll benefit from a visit to Foot Solutions, where you can find expert help and a great solution to suit your lifestyle.