Diabetes: How To Protect Your Feet

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Diabetes Foot Solutions

Diabetes Foot SolutionsDid you know that people who are diabetic are much more likely to experience problems with their feet? Diabetes can affect the circulation of the blood in the feet, and this can lead to nerve damage, making feet more susceptible to problems such as ulcers and infections. Taking care of your feet will be a very important part of your diabetes care plan.

Many people with diabetes experience damage to nerves in the feet, which can mean that foot problems go unnoticed and can become much worse before they are treated. Infection may develop, and there is a risk of sepsis if this spreads to the bloodstream. Looking after your feet is important at all times, but if you are diabetic, it is absolutely vital and we’ve come up with some top tips that can help.

Caring For Your Feet If You Have Diabetes

Prevent problems developing. Preventing problems is always easier than resolving them once they have occurred. Maintaining good control of your blood sugar can help to prevent many of the problems associated with diabetes, and setting up and sticking to a good foot care routine can make a huge difference in avoiding potentially dangerous foot conditions.

2.    Find a routine that works. Get into a good foot care routine and you’ll find that it becomes easier to fit it into your daily life. Wash your feet and dry them well every morning and evening, and then moisturize them using cream or oil, carefully checking them for any damage as you do so. Seek help if you cannot manage to do this by yourself, and do not ignore any early signs of damage.

3.    Wear the right shoes. Good shoes that fit you well and support your feet in all the right places can prevent many foot problems from developing and keep your feet in great shape. Here at Foot Solutions, our expert fitters will help you to find the right shoes to protect your feet and keep you feeling more comfortable for longer.

4.    Get expert help. You will have an experienced healthcare team working to maintain your health and manage your diabetes, and part of this is looking after your feet. Seek advice from foot care specialists and don’t suffer in silence if you notice any foot problems developing.

5.    Stay active. Regular physical exercise can be beneficial to your health in many ways, keeping you fit and well and encouraging better circulation. Staying fit is a great way to combat the problems associated with diabetes, so don’t neglect your exercise regime this year!

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