Discover Stretchwalker Shoes

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Strecthwalker shoes were developed in Japan, a country with ancient traditions and wisdom. The concept of them is to resume the ideal positioning of your body’s centre of gravity which is said to be 47% away from the heel. Many people have weaker toes which forces the centre of gravity to fall behind the ideal position. They also promote good posture.

They are an ideal shoe for anyone with forefoot issues as the stable rocker sole decreases the amount of pressure put on this area. Also, they have a wider toe box with soft stretchable leathers keeping pressure off any bunions or problem hammertoes. They are much more than a walking shoe, people standing on their feet working in retail, nurses etc all benefit from the soft low rebound EVA foam material on the sole of Strecthwalkers that gives much needed cushioning to the feet and decreases the impact on your joints as you walk.

Stretchwalker makes the muscles in the legs and feet work harder, leading to better blood circulation in the whole body. In turn, this lessens the load on the heart and prevents swelling of the lower limbs. It also makes you feel less tired on long walks.

These shoes feel good and look good, allowing you to stay energetic, comfortable and healthy all day long. Once you put on a pair of Stretchwalker, it’s hard to take them off. The soft, stretchable materials feel comfortable all day long. Availability of styles and sizes may vary.

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