Do I Need Insoles?

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If you have shoes that do not fit well, or that don’t offer enough cushioning, you may benefit from wearing insoles. Wearing good quality, well fitted shoes is the most important way to protect your feet, but insoles can also help to prevent pain in the feet and to alleviate discomfort while walking or running.

archsupports-banner1Here at Foot Solutions, we often suggest that insoles might help if you need extra cushioning, or if you spend a lot of time standing up. Some insoles are specifically designed for training shoes, to provide extra protection while exercising, and they can also be very helpful in ensuring that the feet are aligned correctly. We also offer custom insoles, which are made especially for your feet and can be an excellent option if you experience foot pain.

How To Use Insoles Correctly:

If you have got good, supportive shoes that fit your feet well, but want extra cushioning or a slightly more specialized fit, insoles or custom insoles could be the answer. Used correctly, they can prevent foot conditions and help to alleviate foot pain. Here’s how to use insoles properly:

  1. Try them first. Don’t just buy insoles off the shelf without checking that they will suit your foot type. Stand on the insole, as you would when it sits inside the shoes, and see how it feels and where it offers you additional cushioning. Talk to a professional fitter about this, and be prepared to make changes to increase your comfort level.
  2. Don’t scrimp on shoe size. If you have found an insole that you like, you will need to ensure that adding this to your shoe will not cause it to be too tight. Pressure on your feet can cause many problems, so you should always ensure that your feet have enough room to move, especially in the toe box area.
  3. Test it out. Wearing the wrong insole, like wearing the wrong shoes, can cause foot pain. Don’t just assume that all insoles are the same – wear your chosen insole for a short amount of time and assess how comfortable you are, and if you’re in pain, make a change!
  4. Don’t use insoles in bad shoes. Shoes that are not supportive enough for your feet are not going to be improved by the addition of insoles, and you should change unsuitable footwear as soon as possible. New styles of comfortable shoes mean that you don’t have to compromise on fashion, and your feet can feel comfortable all day long.

Keep Your Feet Happy With Custom Insoles

Here at Foot Solutions, we offer expert advice and fitting to help you find the best shoes for your feet and your lifestyle. Pop into your local store and see our extensive ranges of stylish sandals, work and training shoes, and you’ll be delighted to feel the difference a good pair of shoes can make.