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Emma Safety Shoes are based in Maastricht, Netherlands & have been producing work shoes for the past 85 years. They have a very high standard of shoe materials & construction. Emma shoes (Holland) are made for intensive use and have an unprecedented long life span. The supple full grain leather has a superior fit ensuring optimal comfort.

emma footwearWith Emma’s three key technologies they ensure that all their shoes and boots are extremely safe, even in the most demanding circumstances. Hydro Control keeps your feet dry by keeping the damp out as well as conveying moisture away from the foot. Balance focusses on the optimal position of the foot and Contact Management ensures a maximum grip on every surface.

Emma Safety Footwear anti penetration crossbow from Emma Safety Footwear B.V. on Vimeo.

EN Emma Safety footwear: Vera is having a bad day from Emma Safety Footwear B.V. on Vimeo.

EN EMMA Logistics promofilm from Emma Safety Footwear B.V. on Vimeo.