Foot Facts: Did You Know?

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Here at Foot Solutions, it’s all about feet! We know how important our feet are, and what an amazing job they do for us every day, and we work hard to ensure that they are properly cared for. We’re always on hand to talk to our customers about the best shoes for their feet, to discuss any foot problems, and to pass on some fascinating foot facts.

Facts You Should Know About Your Feet:

  1. Feet are made up of 26 bones. A quarter of our bones are in our feet! Each foot is constructed of around 26 bones, connected by 33 joints, and more than a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. The potential for damage to the feet is huge, so taking good care of them is essential.
  2. Feet are made for walking. Experts advise that 10,000 steps a day – almost five miles – is a good target for most people to aim for. Walking is great for general health, and on average, we walk about 115,000 miles throughout our lives, a distance which would encircle the planet four times.
  3. We don’t love them enough. Studies often reveal that feet are the least loved body part for many people. We’re sad to hear this, knowing what a vital role they play in keeping us active and healthy, and we try to do our bit to help people to love their feet a little more!
  4. They can vary in size. Most people have one foot slightly larger than the other, and the largest feet in the world, belonging to Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez from Venezuela, measure almost 16 inches long, according to the Guinness Book of Records.
  5. Foot problems are common. Many people experience foot pain in their lifetime, and problems like fungal nail infections and ingrown toenails are among the most common. Simple measures, such as washing feet daily and allowing them to dry completely before putting shoes and socks on, are the best protection against these conditions.
  6. They can indicate disease. Some serious medical conditions can be diagnosed after foot-related symptoms, including diabetes, which can have a severe impact on the feet. It’s important not to ignore problems with your feet, and to visit your doctor or a podiatrist to seek advice if you are experiencing foot pain or discomfort.

Find Shoes to Ease Foot Problems in Ireland

Wearing the right shoes is the most important way you can prevent foot problems, and visiting a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions can enable you to see the difference that supportive shoes can make. We have an excellent range of stylish and comfortable shoes and sandals, and we are always available to help you find the best option for your feet.