Foot Pain Whilst Running? Find the Right Running Shoe for You

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For runners, foot pain is a serious problem. In fact, it’s probably one of the few conditions that can cause a keen runner to hang up their trainers for good and resign themselves to the sofa instead.

 The miseries of foot pain, often caused by relatively common conditions such as bunions, hammer toe and flat feet, is often underestimated. If you’re a runner, and foot pain is causing you issues, then don’t decide to quit just yet. With the right footwear, it’s possible to eradicate foot pain surprisingly swiftly.

What Exactly is Causing Your Feet to Hurt?

Running is a high-impact sport. Whether you’re a sprinter or a long-distance runner, you’re relying on your feet to take your weight, repeatedly, over significant periods of time, and often on hard, unforgiving surfaces such as concrete pavement.

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common foot complaints for runners. It’s generally fairly easy to diagnose, due to its distinctive stabbing pain, felt on the underside of the foot. If not addressed appropriately, it can progress into a heel spur, which can exacerbate the problem further.

Other problems include blisters, bunions (particularly when wearing ill-fitting shoes) and generally aching, sore feet.


Footwear – What to Look For in a Running Shoe

If you want to stay pain-free whilst running, it’s imperative to invest in a decent pair of running shoes.

However, this isn’t just a case of visiting your nearest shoe shop and grabbing the most expensive pair of running shoes on the shelf. Whilst they may be excellent shoes, they might not be right for your feet, and may not offer optimum protection whilst you’re out and about.

Instead, visit a foot care specialist, who can advise you specifically on what shoes to purchase, based on an analysis of your foot, including your gait.

When you’re looking at options, take into consideration the following:

  • What type of foot do you have? It’s important to know what sort of foot you have when purchasing a pair of running shoes. If you have high arches, you’re likely to benefit from a cushioned, flexible shoe. However, if you have flat feet, then a high stability shoe is a far better option. If in doubt about your foot type, speak to an expert, who can help you.
  • When do you go running? If you go running when the weather is hot, you may prefer a more breathable shoe. If you are a night owl and enjoy pounding the streets in the evenings, you might want to consider a pair of shoes with a reflective stripe to increase your safety.
  • Are you a long-distance runner or a sprinter? If you prefer marathons to short runs, then you’ll need a shoe that can offer long-lasting protection from repeated impact. Sprinters may benefit from added cushioning to compensate for sudden bursts of high-impact activity.
  • Where do you go running? It’s important to invest in a running shoe that is suited for the terrain that you run on. If you run on particularly hard surfaces, you will want to look for running shoes that offer resistance and protection against the repeated impact. If, however, you run on the beach, or across fields, you may need something more suitable to these less resistant surfaces.

It’s a great idea, before committing to purchase a pair of running shoes, to talk to a specialist, who can examine your feet thoroughly, conduct a gait analysis and provide you with advice that is tailored to your exact requirements. To find out where your nearest Foot Solutions shop is and to book an appointment, click here.