Hammertoe: What Does It Mean And How Is It Treated?

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Hammertoe Foot Solutions

Many women who wear high-heeled shoes develop a condition known as hammertoe, in which the toes bend abnormally and the joints become inflamed. This often results from the pressure created within the foot by the narrow toe boxes of high-heeled shoes, and the subsequent crushing together of the toes.

Hammertoe is most likely to affect the second toe, but can cause pain and inflammation in any of the toes, and can also lead to other conditions such as bunions and calluses, which can be painful and debilitating.

What Can I Do If I Have Hammertoe?

Hammertoe can cause many problems, including pain and difficulty walking and standing, and an inability to exercise properly. This can be problematic for your general health, and it is important to address the condition as soon as possible. So, what should you do to treat hammertoes?

  1. Wear the right shoes. It is vital to swap the high heels that have caused this condition for shoes that will offer support and distribute your body weight evenly across your feet. Wide toe boxes can allow your toes the opportunity to spread naturally, and you should ensure that your footwear is suitable for each activity you do. Here at Foot Solutions, our expert fitters are on hand to help you find shoes that suit you and your lifestyle.
  2. Toe padding. It is important to support the toes in a position that is stable and comfortable in order to restore a normal alignment if possible. If the pressure on the toes is relieved by effective padding, the swelling and inflammation which characterize hammertoe may be eased.
  3. Custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are specially designed orthotic inserts which sit in the shoe and offer optimum support to the feet. These can help to provide pain relief, and are often used alongside cortisone injections to treat acute pain caused by the condition.
  4. Strapping. Specially designed straps that hold your toes in the right places and gently ease the ligaments into the correct positions can be very helpful when treating hammertoes. These are worn with supportive shoes, often open toed styles which have more room to accommodate treatment devices.

Find Comfortable Shoes in Ireland

Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause many foot problems, and many people are unaware of how important it is to look after your feet. Good foot health is linked to good general health, and it’s vital to remember that foot conditions will impact on your ability to exercise and remain fit and well.

Wearing shoes that fit you well is essential, and the strain that high-heeled shoes place on your feet should not be underestimated. Pop into Foot Solutions today to find the best footwear for your feet, and see what a difference the right shoes can make!