Healthy Feet Healthy Life

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Are you one of those who constantly make New Year’s Resolutions of losing weight?  Well, are you aware that you need to make sure that your feet are in healthy condition before you can actually proceed to shed off those excess pounds?

There is no question that combining sensible eating with a healthy and active lifestyle takes you on the right road to achieving your ideal weight.  But before you go and hit the gym, there are certain things that you must understand first.

The Condition

Many people make the mistake of thinking that being overweight is the same as being obese.  Is there a difference?  Yes!  Basically, obesity is considered as a medical, economic, and social problem that has reached serious proportions.  Obesity is a step higher to being overweight, which means that you become more vulnerable to life threatening diseases.

The excess body weight puts your health at risk and severely impacts your lower extremities, like your feet, which are made to shoulder the brunt of the excessive weight.  Normally, aside from chronic pain, you become exposed to degenerative diseases and eventually compromise your quality of life because of your inability to move properly.

Dangerous Cycle

Did you know that obesity is now considered an epidemic?  This is primarily because there are now around 70 million Americans who are obese.  The problem with those who are obese is that they become part of a very dangerous and life-threatening cycle.

The obese person initially experiences foot problems and pain, which eventually becomes aggravated because of the continued stress from the excess weight.  Once the feet feel painful and sore, exercising is already out of the question and the desire to lose weight goes out the window.

What happens next?

The lack of exercise and limited ability to move drastically increases the weight of the person making the condition of obesity worse.

This begins the onset of chronic and lifestyle diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and similar threats that can cause serious health concerns.  Does this mean you have to stop making an effort to lose weight?

Not exactly, all you need to do is to seek medical evaluation and help to know what types of exercises are safe for you to do.  You also need to take proper care of your feet by investing in a good pair of footwear.

Remaining Active

The desire to be active is not as simple as it seems especially if you are struggling with excessive weight.  To ensure that you remain safe with any physical activity you do, a physical examination would be a great place to start.  Doing too much too soon may be physically challenging, so taking things slowly and gradually increasing your exercise routine will help your body cope with the physical stress you can experience.

Remaining active can be quite difficult if you feel pain in your feet.  The good news is that often, stretching exercises can do wonders to relieve foot pain.  Shoes with excellent support and shock absorption helps to ease the pain as well.  Exercises like swimming, stationary bike, or weight training can also be good physical activities that you can do without subjecting your feel to too much stress.

Are you aware that there are also footwear that can help you cope with diseases like diabetes for example?  To find out more how you can take care of your feet and get back on the road to a healthy life, contact Foot Solutions today.