Healthy Foot Challenge Week 4: Foot Health Maintenance

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We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in our Healthy Foot Challenge. It’s been really helpful to find out how to care for our feet and prevent foot pain and injuries. This week, we’re celebrating those new healthy habits by thinking about all the ways we can maintain our foot health in the future.

Healthy feet enable you to carry on exercising for longer and help you to maintain great general health too. Just follow our simple guide to healthy foot maintenance, and keep your tootsies feeling fabulous all day long!

How to Maintain Healthy Feet

1.    Look after your feet. Routine foot care involves washing your feet daily, and drying them well to prevent conditions such as Athlete’s Foot. Moisturizing your feet will help to prevent dryness and cracking, and you can use a foot file or pumice stone to rub away hardened skin.

2.    Pamper your feet. Giving yourself a mini pedicure or a foot soak will help to stimulate your circulation and make you feel proud of your feet! If you can, have regular foot massage or reflexology sessions to increase your general health and wellbeing while giving your feet a treat.

3.    Look after your general health. Eat a balanced diet that keeps you at a healthy weight, and make sure you’re getting plenty of the vitamins and minerals your feet need, including calcium for strong bones. Exercise regularly and take care to protect your feet as you do so, and you’ll be helping to prevent many foot problems from developing.

4.    See a specialist. If you have a problem that you cannot solve by wearing the correct footwear and taking simple measures, or if pain persists beyond a few days, see your doctor or ask for a referral to a podiatrist or chiropodist for more specialist help, particularly with problems such as calluses or corns.

5.    Wear good shoes. Shoes that can support your feet will help to prevent foot problems and alleviate any pain you are experiencing. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions to have your feet measured by a professional and you can try many types of footwear that are designed to be both comfortable and stylish.

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Look After Your Feet with Foot Solutions

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