7 Tips to Healthy Happy Summer Feet

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Many people look forward to summer and hitting the beach. Unfortunately, the sun, surf, and heat can wreak havoc on your feet and leave them painful, if not injured. As you plan your summer travel, do not forget to follow these simple tips to ensure that you never need to cut your trip short because of foot problems.

Comfortable Shoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes can be a real pain especially if you are stuck in the long lines at the airport or your hotel check-in. You need to consider that when you are travelling there will also be some considerable walking (or even running) involved.

Being in a comfortable pair of shoes not only relaxes your feet, but also minimizes the possibility of incurring sprains or more severe foot injuries. Make sure that your children’s shoes are comfortable and the right fit as well; otherwise you may have to carry them or cut your trip short.

Do Not Leave Your Socks

No matter how comfortable your shoes may be, make sure that you wear good socks with them. Your feet will thank you for it because of the protection the socks will give your skin by minimising the friction that can result in calluses and blisters.

Also consider the fact that airports require you to remove your shoes as you go through security checks; a good pair of socks can protect your feet from the viruses and bacteria on the airport floor.

To fight perspiration on your feet it is ideal to use socks made from acrylic or synthetic blend. Its ability to balance out moisture prevents fungal infections from forming.

Wearing compression socks while on the plane can also help in preventing blood clots as well as deep vein thrombosis because it pushes the blood through your legs and up to your heart and lungs. Note: Compression socks may not be suitable for everyone, so please consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Never Use New Shoes

Summer vacation is not the right time to break-in your new shoes. The stiff materials can do damage to your feet and prevent you from enjoying your entire summer.

This is especially true if you have plans of going dancing or doing a lot of sightseeing on foot. It is better to wear shoes that your feet have grown accustomed and comfortable with.

Have Sandals or Flip-Flops Handy

The lack of support does not make sandals or flip-flops ideal footwear for walking around for extended time. You need them however to protect your feet from plantar wart, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, and other types of infection. Walking barefoot exposes your feet to these threats especially during the hot summer days.

Wearing sandals or flip-flops is also a good way to let your feet breathe and get some air. This helps to prevent moisture from accumulating on your feet, which can make it a breeding ground for fungus and viruses. There are flip flops & sandals available with built in arch support & these styles are best.

Pack Antifungal Solutions

Always have antifungal powder or cream as a preventive measure against fungus infection. This type of creams and powders can also be used against blisters and other skin irritations or infections that can be caused by the rubbing of the skin of your feet against your shoes or sandals. Remember to dry off your feet with a clean towel before applying the antifungal solution.

Be Healthy

When your travel time lasts for over two hours, make sure that you periodically get up and stretch as often as possible. This helps to pump your feet and keep your blood circulating through your veins properly.

Remember to have water handy to stay hydrated. Hot summer days have a way of affecting your entire body including your feet, which can swell because of the heat.

Stay Prepared

If you take time to plan your trip and itinerary, it makes sense to be prepared for any eventuality by packing a handy first aid kit. Being aware of the possibilities of blisters, cuts, puncture wounds, and infections allows you to be ready.

Make sure you include a saline or eye solution together with an antibiotic cream and gauze in your kit.

Following these simple summer vacation tips for healthy feet will allow you to have a happy trip as well. Your nearest Foot Solutions UK store carries a broad range of comfortable supportive sandals & light summer footwear, to help you make the most of your holiday.