Heather Paine

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Food Scientist turned designer jeweller, Heather Paine was finding her mobility and comfort increasingly marred by the effect of arthritis in her ankles and feet. This was exacerbated by a painful condition known as hammer toes, where the toe joints curl downwards, causing friction with footwear. After enduring much discomfort, Heather eventually had an operation in an attempt to reduce the pain. Following the surgery, she was prescribed rigid, three-quarter length standard orthotics, which could only be used in a limited range of very unflattering footwear.

“I came across Foot Solutions in Richmond, and decided to call in. I was very patiently and thoroughly taken through a detailed foot assessment process including two scans. Custom arch supports were recommended and I was shown a selection of stylish, comfortable and orthotic-friendly shoes.

After I was fitted with my new orthotics and footwear, the improvement has been dramatic. Life is a lot less painful and I can wear nice shoes, sandals and boots. I recently went to Brazil and spent a lot of time on my feet without any discomfort! I am more than happy to recommend Foot Solutions.”