How to Find the Best Shoes for People with Diabetes

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People who have diabetes often experience complications that affect their feet and legs.  Primarily, diabetes is a metabolic disorder which impacts the ability of the body to produce insulin.  This results in the body’s blood glucose level being elevated.  This can also affect the blood supply to the lower extremities.

diabetes shoesDiabetic patients often develop neuropathy, which means that the nerves are damaged.  The high level of glucose in the blood can damage the walls of the blood vessels that feed the nerves, particularly in the legs.  As the result of this nerve damage, a person may have a reduced ability to sense pain.  At first this may seem like a good thing; who wouldn’t want to feel less pain?

However, pain is important because it tells us that there is something wrong.  People who have diabetic neuropathy may be unaware of physical problems due to this loss of sensation and inability to feel pain.  This leads to the development of foot ulcers and other foot problems.

It is very important for diabetics to take good care of their feet.  In addition seeing the doctor and podiatrist regularly, diabetics should always wear shoes that are supportive and protective.  Wearing shoes that fit properly is key to preventing ulcers, blisters, and other foot problems that could become serious issues for someone who has diabetes.  Use these guidelines to help you find the best shoes for people with diabetes.

  1. Visit a custom shoe shop.  Have both of your feet measured by a professional at the custom shoe shop to determine the proper length and width of shoe for you.  Be sure to inform the professionals at the custom shoe shop that you are diabetic so that they can help you find the best shoes for people with diabetes.
  2. Try the shoes on to make sure that they fit properly.  If you use orthotic devices or other shoe inserts, you should try the shoes on with those inserts to make sure that they fit properly together.  There should be enough space in the toe box of the shoes that you can wiggle your toes around easily.
  3. Sufficient ventilation in shoes is very important for people who have diabetes.  Without sufficient ventilation, excess moisture can collect inside the shoes.  This leads to the growth of bacteria, which can allow sores and ulcers to develop on the feet.  For diabetics, even a minor sore on the foot can quickly turn serious.
  4. Make sure that the shoe provides appropriate balance.  The shoe should be properly contoured to provide a balanced frame for walking and relieve pressure from the toes.
  5. Different shapes of shoes. You may need to try a variety of different shapes of shoes to find the pair that fits your feet properly.  If you cannot find a pair that fits comfortably, do not settle for an imperfect pair of shoes.  Instead, consider custom shoes.  Custom shoes can be made to fit your feet perfectly, giving you the supports and stability that your feet need.

If you have diabetes, finding shoes can be a challenge.  Fortunately, the professionals at Foot Solutions are here to help.  Stop in to Foot Solutions today.  We will measure your feet and help you find the best shoes for people with diabetes.  If we don’t have what you need on the shelf, we can create custom shoes that will fit you perfectly.  Visit Foot Solutions today to find the best shoes for people with diabetes.