How to look after your feet during the Cold Winter Months

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Preparing Your Feet for the Colder Months: Avoid Foot Pain This Winter

Sadly, winter can be a miserable time for people who are prone to foot complaints. The unpleasant combination of colder temperatures, damp weather and slippery, icy surfaces often results in poor circulation, aching feet and even chilblains.

Unfortunately, your feet are particularly vulnerable to suffering in the cold, because they are an extremity, and as a result, your blood has to do a lot more work to flow sufficiently to them. Make it your priority this winter to avoid the discomfort of painful feet, and protect them as best you can from the elements.

Get Prepared for Winter: 5 Tips to Help Your Feet Stay Healthy

 If you want to make sure that your feet stay pain-free this winter, here are a few great tips to help you on your way.

1. Get active. Being active is by far and away the best thing you can do to keep your blood flowing and your circulation pumping. If you’re able to, make sure that you incorporate some level of physical activity into your daily regime, to keep your feet well circulated. Even if you’re in an office all day, taking the time to walk around for a few minutes, at regular intervals, can help improve blood flow to the feet.


2. Avoid the ‘get warm quick’ approach. After a cold walk home from work, there is a strong temptation to run a hot bath and immediately soak your freezing feet in comforting hot water, or press your feet against the nearest radiator. However, this is not a shrewd idea, as sudden changes of temperature can lead to chilblains. Instead, invest in a pair of thick, woolly socks, or snuggle into a pair of slippers.

3.Invest in suitable footwear. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in the winter is skimping when it comes to buying appropriate footwear. It goes without saying that it’s not a great idea to teeter to work in strappy heels when the temperatures are sub-zero; however, you also need to think about investing in shoes that offer suitable support and allow circulation to the foot, whilst keeping it warm. If you’re looking for inspiration, visit Foot Solutions, who have a great range of winter-suitable comfort shoes.

4.Wear natural materials. When you’re thinking about winter socks and the ultimate in comfort and protection, why not invest in the Aetrex Copper Sock Range.   These socks use CUPRON copper fibres which help prevent bacteria, fungi, and odor, as well as improve skin texture and appearance.

5.Get into a foot massage routine. Massage is also an effective, not to mention enjoyable way of improving circulation to the foot. If you have a loved one on hand to massage your feet for you, then encourage (or bribe) them to do so; otherwise, you can massage your feet yourself.

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