Jane Dowrick

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Plymouth primary school teacher Jane Dowrick wanted to look her best for her son’s wedding. And being a keen dancer she was also looking forward to stepping out on the dance floor at the reception.

But there was a problem. As Jane explained: “I can’t wear high heels for more than a short time because I suffer from backpain and hip pain caused by one of my legs being slightly longer than the other. To make matters worse I also have a bunion. Determined to make the most of her son’s wedding she decided she would splash out on a new outfit for the day and a cocktail dress for the evening. But she was still unsure what to do about her footwear. “Then I saw an article in the Plymouth Magazine about Foot Solutions and how they help people like me with foot problems.

“I decided to visit the store in Royal Parade – and was so glad I did! I spent about an hour with their staff describing my problem and also undergoing a series of tests and scans to monitor my gait.

“To my surprise and delight they had a great range of very fashionable high heeled shoes and I chose ones which would be perfect for my son’s wedding. I selected a gold coloured pair of Ziera shoes and they looked brilliant. With the special insoles prescribed and supplied by Foot Solutions I was ready for the big day.

“The staff at Foot Solutions could not have been more helpful or professional. It was a lovely experience.”

Jane knew that on the big day she would be standing for a lot of the time, but the whole experience was an extremely positive one.

“I was on my feet wearing my new high heels from midday until well after midnight,” said Jane.

And when the band struck up Jane was the first on the dance floor partnering the best man. “I literally could have danced all night,” said Jane. “It was wonderful – thanks to Foot Solutions.”