John Davis

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When we asked John Davis (an Irish set-dancer) why he came into Foot Solutions, he said

“I’d been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for some time and went to my doctor. He recommended me to go to Foot Solutions in Stillorgan to get new orthotics as the ones that I had were over 10 years old.”

“I was immediately impressed with the professional look of the store and with Hazel who looked after me. I felt at ease with her because she explained the Foot Assessment process before she started. She showed me exercises to do which would help with the Plantar Fasciitis. Because of the detail she went through, and the scanning machines used, I now know more about Plantar Fasciitis and why I suffer with it, than I ever did before. I also understand how good quality footwear and orthotics (made just for me) help with my gait and ultimately with the Plantar Fasciitis. I got a wonderful pair of shoes too which I can wear while set dancing! What’s not to like! Now I can get back to my much-loved set dancing, and I am thrilled. Hazel was fantastic and because of that I will definitely be back to Foot Solutions”

We asked John if he would recommend Foot Solutions.

“I certainly would. I came into Foot Solutions in a lot of pain and after a couple of months of wearing the orthotics the pain is all gone! The fact is, because I teach set dancing, I would know a lot of people who are in pain with their feet. From now on I’ll be recommending that they go to Foot Solutions.”