Judi Ayers

2 min read

Trudy Turrell talks to Judi Ayers, who walks and stands in comfort, thanks to Foot Solutions

Working at the Card Bar card shop in Plymouth means that Judi is on her feet all day. That’s when she’s not keeping up with her two grown-up sons and a 13-month-old grandson. But recently, a day spent standing in the shop was causing real pain in her left foot.

“I had pain and discomfort every evening after work,” Judi explains, so she made an appointment with her doctor. Judi was surprised when her GP recommended a visit to Foot Solutions. “I was a bit nervous when I visited,” laughs Judi, “But Kate at Foot Solutions soon put me at my ease.”

After watching how Judi stood and walked, she was placed on special machines that surveyed both feet and how she stood on them. Seeing the outlines of her feet on screen, it was easy to understand the problem for herself.

Judi has always had high insteps and has a condition called plantar fasciitis (sometimes known as policeman’s heel), which can be extremely painful. Bespoke insoles were the answer to correcting the problem, and although she has small but wide feet, she found no problem choosing a pair of soft and comfortable shoes to suit her. “The shoes and inserts took a little while to get used to,” Judi explained, but soon she was back to a full day on her feet, without any pain. She has since bought another pair of insoles to fit inside her existing shoes, giving her more choice in what she wears.

When I caught up with her, Judi had just returned from a few days away in Edinburgh, seeing an old friend. They had seen all the sights… Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, and enjoyed lots of walking.

Thanks to Foot Solutions, Judi’s back on her feet and nothing’s holding her back from enjoying herself.