Keep Your Feet Healthy: Wear Shoes That Are Good For Your Feet!

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sampleWearing shoes that do not fit the feet properly, or do not offer adequate support and cushioning, is a major cause of foot problems. The traditional choice between fashion and comfort has meant that many people, especially women, have damaged their feet with styles that crush the toes, for example, and leave them with conditions such as hammertoes and bunions.

Taking care of your feet is a very important way to prevent foot disease, and you should be careful that, whatever your footwear, you wash and dry your feet well every day and change your socks, too. Visit Foot Solutions for professional advice and measuring, and try the latest styles that are both fashionable and comfortable, helping your feet to look and feel great.

Shoes Your Feet Will Hate:

1.    Sheepskin boots. Although they may be comfortable and warm, these boots aren’t good for your feet if you’re standing or walking for long periods of time. The lack of support and cushioning means your feet are forced to take more pressure, which can cause foot pain and fallen arches.

2.    Flip Flops. They may be ideal for walking around the swimming pool, but for everything else, you should avoid these unsupportive shoes that offer no protection for your feet.

3.    Cowboy boots. Narrow toe boxes create the perfect atmosphere for crushed bones and ligaments, and stiff outers can lead to ankle injuries and foot pain.

Your Feet Will Love:

1.    Ankle boots. Ankles boots that feature solid heels and rounded toes will give you plenty of wiggle room and a good amount of stability to prevent the likelihood of injury and foot pain.

2.    Tall boots. This riding boot style will give you knee-high elegance with the security of low or flat heels, for the perfect balance of practicality and fashion. Support for the sole of your foot reduces your risk of fallen arches or flat feet, so you can keep your feet feeling great.

3.    Supportive Shoes. Have your feet measured to make sure that your shoes are not too big or too small and that they offer enough support to keep your foot and ankle stable.

Find Shoes to Ease Foot and Heel Pain in Ireland

logo-fs-blog Here at Foot Solutions, we think your feet deserve a break and we have some fantastic styles to give them a treat. Pop in to your local store for a free gait analysis test and find out which shoes will be best for you!