Are Your Kids Wearing The Right Shoes?

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It is important to wear the right shoes, whatever your age, to prevent foot pain and problems with mobility. This is especially vital for children, who have softer and more delicate bones and ligaments in their feet. Finding shoes that offer good support and distribute the weight equally across the feet is the best way to protect your child’s feet as they grow, and visiting a specialist shoe store with professional fitters is a great place to start.

Here at Foot Solutions, we believe that everyone should wear shoes that make their feet feel great! We offer a professional fitting service and a comprehensive approach that considers your lifestyle and gait, and we work with you to find a bespoke solution so that you can enjoy a full and active lifestyle without foot pain.

Finding The Best Shoes For Children

Here’s how to find the best shoes for your children:

  1. Look for quality. Shoes that children wear every day should be made of breathable fabrics that are good quality, so that they move naturally, accommodate active play and offer a good level of protection to growing feet.
  2. Ensure good arch support and cushioning. Children’s shoes should have a good amount of cushioning for shock absorption and arch support to protect the feet and reduce the risk of over pronation or injury. You may find that custom arch supports are a good solution that help improve the way a shoe fits your child’s foot, and you can speak to a professional fitter about this option.
  3. Replace shoes regularly. Shoes that are worn frequently lose their shock absorption and often wear around the edges of the sole. This makes it more likely that the child will develop blisters and calluses, and where the shoe offers less support, there is a greater risk of injury and damage to the foot.
  4. Wear shoes fit for purpose. Specific shoes are particularly important for sports and exercising, when the feet come under a great deal of pressure, and you should seek expert advice if your child does a lot of training to ensure that his or her feet will be protected as well as possible.
  5. Don’t forget about socks. Good socks can make a huge difference to the way a pair of shoes fits, and how comfortable they feel. If your child has to wear a particular style of sock for school, for example, ensure that you find shoes that fit well while wearing these socks, and remember that the thickness of the socks will affect the way the shoes fit.

If your child is experiencing foot pain despite wearing well-fitted shoes and comfort socks, you should seek medical advice.

Find The Cause Of Foot Pain And Treat It At Your Local Store

Finding good shoes for yourself or for your child should never be a chore. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions and talk to us about finding the right shoes, socks and custom arch supports for your feet today.