10 Common Causes of Medial/Lateral Foot Pain

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Medial/Lateral foot pain is a condition where there is considerable pain felt at the inner/outer side of your foot.  There are a couple of things that can cause this type of pain; but you have to ask yourself whether the pain suddenly developed or came gradually.  Sometimes the pain may be caused by an injury that you have not noticed.  What are the common causes of medial/lateral foot pain?

  1. Stress Fracture

For pain along outside of the foot, one of the most common causes is a stress fracture.  This happens when one of the bones in your foot has a small break.  Normally this is brought about by repetitive sports activities.  The pain may start off as mild and eventually gets more intense.  The pain would depend which bone suffered a fracture.  It is important to point out that pain from stress fractures can also be felt at the inner side of the foot.

  1. Blisters

This is another source of pain that normally extends up to the heel.  It is commonly caused by wearing unsuitable footwear.  Many runners experience blisters because of friction made against the skin of the foot by their socks or shoes.

Blisters allow the outer skin layer to peel away from its inner layer and fills the gap with lymph fluid.  Runners that have new shoes are prone to having blisters as well as those who do long-distance runs.  Well fitted supportive & cushioned footwear, with an outsole matched to the wearers foot shape & activity, will be good for people who have blisters.

  1. Sprained Ankle

Did you know that about 85 percent of ankle injuries are responsible for pain at the outside of the foot?  There ankle sprain damages the ligament causing it to tear or break resulting in bruising, swelling, pain, and instability.

About 35 percent of those with sprained ankles are prone to having them again in the future.  Proper stretching & strengthening exercises and the right type of shoes can help avert future sprains.

  1. Peroneal Tendonitis

This pain on the outside of your foot can also cause significant pain around your heel area.  This is the result of repetitive tension of your peroneal tendons resulting in inflammation, irritation, and degeneration.  Aside from running long distances, it can also be traced to muscle imbalance and abnormal foot positions.  The condition increases gradually with the pain being eased with rest.

  1. Cuboid Syndrome

Although not very common, it has a tendency to be misdiagnosed or remain undiagnosed because the pain may come and go.  This is caused by the partial dislocation of the cuboid because of repetitive foot strain or a sprained ankle.

The pain can spread to the toes and most significant in the mornings, while running, or even walking.  You may notice some swelling and redness with the affected area being tender to the touch.  About 7 percent of those with sprained ankles can have cuboid syndrome.

  1. Tarsal Coalition

This condition is so rare that only 1 percent of foot pain along the outer side is attributed to it.  Tarsal Coalition is a type of congenital problem and can result in fatigue, foot cramps, and pain.  People with this condition can have sprained ankles, abnormal foot biomechanics, and walk abnormally.

  1. Bunions

This often occurs on the big toe when it rotates inward causing it to point to the other toes.  The pain at the outer side of the foot is caused by the bone at the big toe base sticking out to the side.  Aside from the pain, the affected foot can have swelling, inflammation, and redness at the area of the big toe.

  1. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

This condition linked to flat feet usually develops when there is inflammation, irritation, or degeneration of the tendon.  It is normally the result of repetitive injury or overuse with the pain intensifying as the activity increases.

  1. Corns & Calluses

Although these can appear at any part of the foot, the most common locations are at the side and top.  Repetitive friction of the skin causes the formation of additional layers as protection.  It is true that calluses can be painless; corns on the other hand can be extremely painful because it goes deeper into the skin.

  1. Arthritis

The pain can be felt in the entire foot but is most prevalent at the sides.  Arthritis can be degenerative or inflammatory with the latter being the more common.  The pain can come and go with varied intensity.

If you look at all of these causes of pain along the outside of your feet, many of them can be relieved or avoided by taking enough rest and protecting your feet with proper footwear. Call into your nearest Foot Solutions store today. They can help you to choose comfortable, supportive footwear to minimize any foot discomfort you may be feeling.