Living Pain Free: How To Live Longer!

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People who spend a long time being sedentary are at higher risk of many health problems than those who lead more active lifestyles. Getting your blood moving is essential for your general health and wellbeing, and also for the health of your feet! The ideal is to raise your heart rate for at least thirty minutes, five times per week.

The ability to walk is a good indicator of general health, and walking on a regular basis is an excellent form of exercise. If you’re new to exercising, or you’re worried that you don’t get enough exercise to keep you fit, take a look at our handy tips below. Don’t forget to pop into Foot Solutions to find training shoes that will support and cushion your feet.

Tips To Make Your Life Healthier

  1. Take a walk every hour. Sitting down for long periods of time can cause difficulties, including damage to your feet and legs, and prevent proper circulation to your heart. However, taking a five minute walk every hour is seen to entirely correct these problems, leading to a much healthier outlook. If you’re stuck in the office all day, take a walk around the building, run errands to add some extra movement into your day, or stand up for a quick stretch session on a regular basis, to combat the effects of a sedentary job.
  2. Choose the right shoes. Don’t risk the health of your feet by wearing bad shoes. Shoes that fit you well and provide the correct amount of cushioning for your feet will help to prevent many foot problems, and also guard against injuries sustained while exercising. A specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions can offer you a professional measuring service and gait analysis to ensure you find the best solution for your feet.
  3. Step outside. Walking in nature is seen to have huge benefits for your mind as well as your body, so try to make the most of this by getting outside to exercise as much as possible. Enjoy exploring your local area on foot, and encourage friends to join you to make it a more sociable experience.
  4. Consider your posture. Building your core strength will help on many levels, including encouraging better body alignment, which will take the pressure off your feet and reduce the likelihood of leg and back pain. Imagine that you are being pulled up tall from the top of your head by an invisible thread, and feel the difference in your body immediately.

Alleviate Foot Pain With Comfortable Shoes in Ireland

Finding shoes that fit your feet well and give them good support all day long will increase your comfort levels and prevent foot pain and injury. Pop into Foot Solutions today to find the best footwear for your feet, and see what a difference the right shoes can make!