Marguerite Sperring

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For more than 40 years Marguerite Sperring from Plymouth suffered with increasingly severe pain in her feet.

The problem was caused by a combination of raised arches and bunions – a bony protusion of the big toe joint – often forcing Marguerite to walk in bare feet.

“I couldn’t find shoes that were comfortable and I was always in pain with my feet,” said Marguerite. “I needed a wide fitting because of the bunions, but this inevitably meant that the shoes were sloppy on my feet and led to more problems.”

The former HR specialist from Devonport sought help from her GP on a number of occasions, but was advised that the problem could only be solved with surgery. “I was also told that until the pain became unbearable it would not warrant surgery. I couldn’t afford to go privately so I just had to put up with the pain,” she said.

By chance she saw a repeat of the TV programme Dragon’s Den which featured an item about a shoe business which promised relief for people with problems similar to Marguerite.

“I was in Plymouth city centre the very next day and I saw Foot Solutions and realised they offered exactly what had been described in the Dragon’s Den programme.”

Marguerite walked into the Royal Parade store – and acknowledges that it was the most important step in her life.

The experienced team at Foot Solutions carried out a series of tests and analysis and identified the full extent of Marguerite’s challenge.

Foot Solutions supplied insoles to provide arch support which are suitable to wear with high heels, slippers and other types of her shoes.

“I can’t believe what a difference the special insoles have made. I didn’t realise how severe the pain had become – until it had gone!I can now walk tall and enjoy mylife without pain and discomfort,”said Marguerite.

Marguerite – who sings in the choir at Plymouth Cathedral – has also received an unexpected bonus because of Foot Solutions. “My posture was poor due to my fallen arches which restricted my lung capacity and in turn affected my singing. Now I can sing without having to take so many breaths,” said Marguerite.