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When it comes to hiking, your footwear can be your greatest asset or your most painful liability. You need hiking boots or shoes that are rugged, durable and ready to handle whatever terrain comes your way. That’s why Merrell has spent decades perfecting their footwear to provide the perfect amount of support, comfort and protection while you’re out on the trail.

Whether you a need lightweight, versatile option to remain agile and quick on unpredictable footpaths or a more heavy-duty option to provide increased structure and support, Merrell makes high-performance hiking shoes & boots to suit a variety of settings. Find the footwear options to match your activity, from trail running to hiking to hybrid adventures.

Merrell hiking shoes & boots feature M-Select™ and other advanced technologies like strong traction, waterproofing, ventilated or insulated options, plus backpacking-grade and vegan designs. From day trips to week-long backpacking treks, Merrell has the best hiking shoes and boots to support your next outdoor excursion. Hikers who want to enjoy the speed and responsiveness of a sneaker with the durable construction of a boot should shop for lightweight hiking options, while more rugged mountaineers may prefer the cushion and support of our more traditional mid-ankle hiking boots. Wherever your next trail takes you, let Merrell take care of your feet so you can conquer the challenge ahead with confidence.

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