Morton’s Neuroma: Alcohol Sclerosing

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mortonsneuromaMortons neuroma is a painful foot condition characterised by localised foot pain, including an unusual sensation of a stone in the shoe, or numbness in the ball of the foot. This condition can be caused by wearing high heeled or tight shoes, since these restrict the bones and tendons of the feet, and it can occur in both feet or just one.

Mortons neuroma often eases after a few days, but it can be long lasting and very painful. Surgery may be considered in extreme cases, and this usually involves isolating or removing the affected nerve, which can have long-term effects. However, alcohol sclerosing is another treatment method which many experts believe to be a viable and useful option.

What Is Alcohol Sclerosing?

Alcohol sclerosing is a treatment method using a sclerosing solution of 4% alcohol/ethanol, injected close to the site of the neuroma using ultrasound guidance. The solution is absorbed into the nerve tissue, and the aim is to relieve the nerve pain and improve the symptoms of the condition.

Alcohol sclerosing can be a very effective treatment, with many patients reporting significant improvement after just three weekly injections, but it may be used for up to seven weeks if recovery is slower. After this, treatment may be repeated but a period of three months will usually be observed before further injections since the effects of this treatment can be gradual.

What Are The Alternatives?

Of course, the best way to avoid foot pain is to wear shoes that are comfortable and support your feet in all the right places. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions to discover the difference a well-fitted pair of shoes can make to you.

However, if you have developed Morton’s neuroma, you may be advised to try the following:

Custom orthotics, devices which are designed to fit inside the shoe and give optimum support to the ligaments and bones of the foot,
• Localized massage, which may relieve pressure on the affected nerve and lead to a cessation of the painful sensation experienced,
• Cortisone injections, which may numb the nerve and allow for recovery without surgical intervention.

However, alcohol sclerosing appears to be a very effective alternative treatment that offers a high success rate and less potential risk than surgery. You should discuss your condition with your doctor to find out if this method may be suitable for you.

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