No More Excuses, Time To Get Active!

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Did you know that exercising regularly is one of the most important ways to prevent conditions like heart disease and dementia throughout your life? The health of your feet affects your ability to exercise, since your feet support your body and carry your weight. Whether you’re hiking, walking or playing a team sport, you will need to protect your feet while you exercise, and ensure that you have the correct support to keep your feet pain free throughout.

Here at Foot Solutions, we love to help our customers to achieve a better quality of life, whether this is walking again after a period of ill health, or being able to take part in a fitness challenge without being stopped by foot pain. We offer you a ten step process of observations, tests and discussions to find the best options for your feet so that you can make the most of an active lifestyle. If you’ve been experiencing any pain in your feet, we will discuss this with you and may recommend a combination of arch supports, well fitted shoes and comfort socks to help to remedy this problem.

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Getting Active With Foot Solutions:

If you haven’t exercised before or you want to get back to it and feel great again, you’ll find that a visit to a specialist foot store such as Foot Solutions is a great place to start. Our personal service is designed to offer you exactly what you need to support you in living a healthier lifestyle, and we love to hear from our satisfied customers about how well this has worked out for them.

We enjoyed meeting Trina, who had been experiencing painful foot problems such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis for ten years. She was struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle and had been through foot surgery and tried over- the-counter orthotics, but she was still finding herself in a lot of pain which was limiting her movement and her ability to exercise.

Trina told us, “I’d be on crutches in the morning… It also interfered with my holidays. We have a mobile home in Kerry, where my husband and myself would enjoy a regular morning walk in the roads around the mountains. I felt I couldn’t do it any longer because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it back! So I went into Foot Solutions and told the associates there about my problem. They fitted me for customised arch supports and I also got a lovely pair of runners.The difference was unbelievable! It took about two days to get used to the supports, but after that I was flying. We were able to go on our walks around Kerry. I can walk into work every morning and spend all day on my feet without any problems. When we go for a walk now, my friend says she can barely keep up with me!”

It’s stories like Trina’s that make the job so worthwhile, knowing that we can make such a huge – and often unexpected – difference to everyday life. Most people are surprised by how much better their feet feel once they have experienced a visit with us, and we would love for you to feel the benefit, too!

Let Us Help To Alleviate Your Foot Pain

If you want to start exercising again after a break, or you’re considering an intense physical challenge, get your feet in great shape first with a visit to Foot Solutions. Pop into your local store to talk to us about your lifestyle, or book an appointment online to make the most of our ten step process.