Pauline Kelly

1 min read

I always say that my feet and my hair have to make me comfortable. I saw a pair of sandals in the window of Foot Solutions in Dublin City Centre and I fell in love with them. I went into the shop, got measured up and home with my new purchase. I have wide feet and I don’t have to worry now. I also wear custom made orthotics from Foot Solutions. I have an ongoing knee problem and I feel so stable with my orthotics in my Brook trainers.

I never have a problem getting footwear as there is so much to choose from in Foot Solutions. The staff are excellent at setting you straight as to what you should be choosing.  They give you lots of time and never rush you out the door. I can leave the shop comfortable with my purchase. I now only wear Brooks trainers and Jolka sandals. Some I have for years and they are still going strong.