Peter Fitzgibbons International Rugby Referee

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I regularly visit a physical therapist, Paul Murray, for treatment with the key objective being keeping my body fit and strong in order to avoid injury. I was experiencing some muscle soreness after training and matches which prevented me from recovering quickly from physical exertion. Paul suggested some extra support for my feet may be helpful and referred me to Foot Solutions.

From my initial contact I was made to feel welcome and put at my ease. I received a full assessment including visual analysis and use of state of the art electronic equipment. This ensured the inserts provided would be a custom fit for me. The whole process was explained in great detail so I understood exactly why I needed the inserts.

Following my consultation and assessment I received my inserts within 14 days. I was given guidance on the breaking in process so that within a week I was able to use the inserts at all times. Within a month I experienced a great easing of soreness after physical activity. I also feel much stronger when running with the inserts providing greater stability.