Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

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If you have injured your plantar fascia, you will be advised to rest for a period of time to allow the area to heal. You may also find that ice applications help to reduce pain and swelling. Specific exercises can be useful in rehabilitating the foot after this type of injury, and you may be advised to try the following exercises for this purpose:

1. Infographic Plantar FasciitisThe towel scrunch. This is a very simple exercise that helps to build up the muscles of the foot, especially those that support the arches. While you are seated, rest your foot on a towel or piece of fabric, then try to pull the fabric towards you using your toes, ensuring that the heel remains in contact with the floor. Repeat this action for one to two minutes in order to feel the benefit of this exercise.

2. Heel raises. It is very important to strengthen the calf muscles in order to ensure that they can support the foot correctly, and by doing heel raises on the edge of a step, you will work the calves as well as the ligaments of the feet. Simply stand with the fronts of your feet on a stair, and push upwards and then lower down, so that you extend and contract the muscles throughout the feet and legs. As you lower, let the heels dip below the level of the stair to benefit these crucial muscles. Build up the number of repetitions you can do, and support yourself by holding on to the wall or bannister while you exercise.

3. Walking on tiptoes. It may seem a very easy exercise, but walking around on your tiptoes is very good for your legs and feet and can help to improve your stability for the future. Simply walk around on your tiptoes for a few minutes every day, and you will notice your feet and legs feeling stronger.

4. Arch lifts. The arches of the foot perform a very important role and if they are weak, plantar fasciitis is more likely to develop. To work these muscles, rest your foot flat on the floor while you are seated, and then pull the arch up, ensuring that the big toe, heel and ball remain on the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then release and repeat.

5. Pincer grip. You can improve the strength in many of the muscles in the foot when you work on your fine motor skills. Spend a couple of minutes each day picking up small items, such as pens or marbles, using the muscles of your toes. You will find that your ability to do this increases as you practice more and more.

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