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At Foot Solutions, we are dedicated to helping our customers find relief from foot pain. We understand feet and how important foot health is for quality of life. Feet are possibly something we all take for granted at times, not stopping to think of all they do. At Foot Solutions, we think that feet are amazing! They help carry us and keep us standing through long days at work and on the go. They help us dance, swim, run and jump. That’s why we love to help you take care of them.

Our customers come from all kinds of backgrounds and we love to hear all about them and their lives. We meet mums with arch pain, firemen with bunions, entrepreneurs with unexplained foot pain and just about anyone you can think of.

Foot pain can strike at any moment and any age, it doesn’t discriminate. The causes of foot pain vary and that’s why we encourage everyone to try our free foot assessment. Dealing with foot pain quickly means that you can get back to doing the things you love. So whether you’re on your feet for work or running regularly for fun, we’re here to help.


Foot Solutions for the ‘On-the-go Parent’

Being a parent is a non-stop daily list of tasks that keeps you on your feet and up and down stairs. Mums and dads need healthy, happy, pain free feet to keep up with the busy family lifestyle. Preventing foot pain for parents is as important as resolving pain. Having one parent unable to move, help with the groceries, chase the kids or join in the fun is not an option.

Common foot problems for busy parents include:

  • Tired feet from running around non-stop
  • Pain or discomfort from Bunions
  • Heal pain from Plantar fasciitis

Looking after your feet is an important part of your wellbeing. We rely on our mobility to help us with our responsibilities but they also help us stay healthy. Foot Solution can help you learn how to take care of your feet, prevent and manage pain.


Foot Solutions for The Ambitious Athlete

Professional and amateur athletes looking to improve performance often turn to Foot Solutions for assistance. Improving performance can be done in a number of ways. From increasing endurance and stamina to reducing fatigue, foot pain or recovery time. The secret to all of these things could be in your feet.

Our bespoke foot assessment includes a gait check and a digital 3D contour scan. These steps with our other important checks can help our pedorthists identify solutions that can help your speed or technique.

Whether you are just starting out with a new workout regime, are an extreme athlete or are running your 100th marathon, talk to our in-store team about how we can help.


Foot Solutions for The Hard Workers

Foot pain is something that nurses, hair stylists, builders, teachers, pharmacists, surgeons, and air stewards all have in common. All because their work day requires them to stand, and in some cases to wear specific or heeled shoes.

Common foot problems for people who are on their feet all day include:

  • Calluses
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Knee or lower back problems
  • Tendonitis

For all of these professions and more, foot pain/injury means not being able to work. Even if you can stand all day, it is likely that you spend weekends and evenings soaking your aching feet. Foot Solutions can help to prevent foot pain caused by being on your feet for extensive periods. Get ahead of potential problems to avoid the type of foot pain that forces you to stay home.

People Suffering from Foot, Knee or Back Pain

Pain can be unforgiving and confusing, often occurring out of the blue and for no apparent reason. Pain relating to one part of the body can also have a knock-on effect in other parts of the body, causing stress and major discomfort. Foot problems are no different – though they do mostly cause foot pain, they can also cause pain in areas like the knee or back.

Suffering from any kind of pain impacts our quality of life. It prevents us from being as active or engaged in our day to day activities as we would like. Unfortunately, mystery pains in seemingly healthy knees and backs are often left untreated. People learn to live with the pain or put it off rather than resolve it. Feel free to talk to one of our friendly pedorthists, this may be your first step to a pain free life.

Helping Customers from All Walks – And Ladders – Of Life

Finding a solution to pain is what we are all about. When customer Anthony Lanigan came to us his pain was also in his legs and back. A Foot Solutions assessment revealed that Anthony’s pain could be helped with custom orthotics. Here Anthony tells his story.

Anthony Lanigan was suffering from severe back pain and shin splints. The condition was so bad that it was threatening his business, South East Fascia and Soffit in Waterford. “My job involves going up and down ladders all day”, says Anthony “and you can’t do that when you are suffering that kind of pain. I tried everything to resolve the issue. Physiotherapy went some of the way to fixing the problem with my back, but I was still having real problems with my shins and ankles. Then I met Peter Jones from Foot Solutions in Waterford at a trade show.”

“Peter told me they could resolve the issues with customised insoles. I popped into the shop in Waterford where they assessed the condition and took all my measurements. The insoles arrived a while later and I started using them. That was four years ago. I haven’t had a single problem with my ankles or shins since.”

“This is vital for me obviously because it means I can carry on with my livelihood and the business. It also means I can carry on leading an active lifestyle. The original problems with my back and ankles forced me to give up playing hurling. Once those were cleared up, I went back to playing hurling with Ballygunnner and I was playing soccer as well. That was great.”

“In fairness, Peter told me from day one that the insoles wouldn’t be cheap. But they weren’t really expensive at all when you consider that, four years later, I am still wearing them every day and I have had no problems with my feet. When I look at the relief I got after a visit to Foot Solutions, I think it was fantastic value for money.”

Book A Free Foot Solutions Assessment

So whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance, or an on-the-go parent looking for arch support to alleviate pain, we can help to keep life moving at your pace. Don’t suffer on, book an appointment online now.