Rose Ede

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Used to supporting others in need, terrible foot pain led two Street Pastors from Torbay to seek help for themselves

My name is Rose Ede and I work as a Street Pastor in Torbay. We help vulnerable people we meet at night over the weekends when all sorts of things can go wrong, and we offer our help and support wherever we can. This can be assistance in the form of first aid or advice, giving out flip-flops because the girls’ high heels hurt, handing out plastic bottle stoppers and straws so their drinks don’t get ‘spiked’, or simply giving out water to drink… But our feet are very important because above all we need to be able to walk!

My friend Christine and I have both suffered terrible foot pain as our long nights on duty mean that we are literally pounding the pavement for many hours.
I could hardly walk. I had very painful heels with a burning sensation. My friend felt she was close to needing a wheelchair, and it was she that first discovered Foot Solutions in Plymouth. We both went to see what they could do for us.

In our Assessments, our feet were measured, the way we walk and how we put pressure on our feet was observed. Finally, they scanned our feet to check the shape of our arches.

It was explained that all sorts of foot related problems can be sorted out by wearing arch supports along with properly fitted, good quality shoes.

So we bought shoes and ordered some specially made arch supports. Now there’s no more pain so I can do any amount of walking without even thinking about it. My life has changed!