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The Solidus brand has been developing top-quality comfort shoes that promise well-being, health and pleasure, for more than 100 years. The shoes are designed in Tuttlingen (Germany) near Lake Constance and the Black Forest, and are then manufactured by hand in Europe using traditional techniques to achieve the highest standards in terms of fit and quality.

Did you know that up to four hours of work are necessary to manufacture a single pair of shoes? We want to take you on a journey to the world of our comfortable shoes; in the section “How shoes are made” we want to show you in detail how Solidus develops its comfortable shoes. Do you need special orthopaedic insoles in your shoes? Not a problem: all Solidus shoes have removable insoles, making the shoes suitable for use with orthotics. With our air-cushioned soles and range of different soles you will be well prepared when you step outside.

The stylish look of our comfortable shoes does not mean any decrease in quality. That is why we also want to show you the materials that wowed us and which we decided to use in our comfortable shoes. Our high-quality leathers and soling materials mean that customers value our shoes for their stability and durability. In “Therapeutic & Prophylactic Shoes” we take a special look at the benefits which especially comfortable shoes offer for sensitive feet. It doesn’t matter whether we are dealing with less serious foot malpositions such as hallux valgus or with extremely sensitive feet (such as diabetic feet),

Solidus has shoe solutions for almost every need which will let you walk more comfortably.

Availability of styles, colours and sizes may vary from store to store.

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