Foot Solutions Foot Care Tips For You

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Have you been waiting for the summer? It’s fast approaching, and we’re looking forward to a few months of sunshine, barbeques and fun outdoors. However, we know that the summer can be especially hard on our feet, so we’ve been thinking about how we can keep them in great condition this season.

Your feet work hard for you, and the summer brings more opportunity to exercise, and increases the likelihood of wearing unsupportive shoes! Follow our simple tips to keep your feet feeling good this year, and don’t forget that we’re always on hand to help with foot pain when you visit Foot Solutions.

Care For Your Feet This Summer

Mephisto2Busy summer days are no excuse for neglecting your feet, and taking care of them will ensure that you can have more fun throughout the summer. Here’s how:

  1. Wear the right shoes. Supportive shoes are a must when you are taking care of your feet, so don’t be tempted to wear flat, unsupportive shoes or sandals that crush your feet. Visit a specialist shoe store such as Foot Solutions to find sandals that are designed to support your feet in all the right places and offer plenty of cushioning to prevent stress fractures and strains.
  2. Avoid flip flops. Flip flops may be useful by the poolside, but wearing them on a daily basis can cause serious foot problems. Some styles offer better arch support and are more durable, but strappy styles invite injury and do not offer enough protection for your feet.
  3. Protect against burns. Your feet are at risk of burns from hot surfaces and from the sun. Take care to avoid walking around barefoot, especially if you’re walking on synthetic surfaces or close to a barbeque or fire, and always be aware that the tops of your feet may be liable to sunburn. If you are applying sunscreen to the rest of your body, your feet will need it too!
  4. Drink plenty. Dehydration is dangerous, and you should ensure that you are drinking plenty, especially if you’re sweating. Drinking water is the best thing for your body, and will help to prevent foot swelling and muscle cramps, so your feet will thank you, too.
  5. Dry feet properly. Don’t put shoes or socks on when your feet are wet, and if you’re likely to get shoes wet, you should ensure you have a spare pair with you. Wet feet can lead to Athlete’s foot and foot odour, so taking the time to dry your feet properly is a very easy way to protect them.

Buy Comfort Shoes in Ireland

Ensuring that your feet look and feel great will help you to really make the most of the summer, and some supportive sandals that fit your feet correctly will be the perfect way to ensure your comfort. Visit our specialist staff at Foot Solutions to find stylish and comfortable shoes, and see what a difference the right pair can make for you this summer.